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In this letter are my reasons for canceling with LA Fitness that I feel you need to be informed about. It is a real horror story that I fear will happen to more members presenting LA Fitness with trouble and a major lost in trust for the company. In October 2009 Both I and my fiance wanted to join LA Fitness at the monthly membership fee of $30.00 a month. After much thought and consideration we decided to go in to sign up. We were nicely shown the premises by a staff member and found the facilities satisfactory.

Then we were quickly sat down at a table and talked to about the membership. We flatly said we just wanted a regular monthly membership nothing more. Then we were asked our goals for getting in to shape. I said my plan was to actually try to put on weight and mussel bulk because I have a very lean and tall frame . My fiancé just wanted to tone up nothing drastic. We were then quickly made to feel that there was a lot wrong with our bodies so our self esteem would be lowered. The membership process quickly turned into a negotiation that we should sign up for personal trainers. Before we could say anything another man sat down who was The training general manager (if you would like his name I would feel free to tell you)and started estimating monthly payments for personal trainers. We were baffled at how astronomical the prices were and quickly said no .He continued to say that our work outs and goals would be worthless without help from a trainer.

Since I was pretty serious about reaching my goal for an ideal body I finally let my guard down and became more interested. He made lots of promises that I would be so satisfied with my body that any price would be worth it. I was still very hesitant about the price and wanted to leave .He then wrote down and showed me that he could give me an "amazing" offer but only if I took it right away. I still basically said no thank you. Then he said what is it because you do not have the enough money ? I dumbly said with out thinking ,Yeah I have money I'm waiting for a huge check actually. His eyes then turned to dollar signs I was just too naive to notice it at the time. He then offered me another deal and after much sweet talking I agreed to think about it. Since I hadn't received my check yet it would have to be a couple days till I signed up for a trainer anyway. But then I received calls on my cell phone from the training general manager bluntly asking if I had received my check yet… because he would get in trouble from his boss for the "great" deal he was going to give me. He said I could pay a portion of the down payment right away so I could still get the deal that way he wouldn't get in trouble. If this happened to me now I would say why the heck is it any of your business when I get my check. At the time though I didn't want the guy to get in trouble because of me. So I went in and paid a portion of the down payment. While I was there I was then again asked if I had received my check or when I would. The calls also persisted until the day I actually did get my check and finished the down payment for the personal training sessions.

I was then rushed through the contract, he barley even let me touch the thing and just read what he thought was important . Also I found out that he only explained half of the truth about the cancellation and that the contract is very poorly written. I found this out when for some reason I received a call from a woman with LA Fitness 3 days later asking if I understood the terms of the contract and if I knew that I would have to pay 50% of the remaining balance to get out of it(50% of balance = a couple grand). I said no actually I did not know that, but that's just great you tell me when I already signed.

Everything was down hill after that …I had training sessions canceled by the trainer even though they were made prior according to my busy schedule. The trainers were to lazy to bother to write down my work out routine in my issued La Fitness trainers notebook for my reference as well for the other trainers .Every time I went to a session I was handed off to a different trainer who had no prior knowledge of my fitness routines or goals. When I wanted to stay with one certain trainer they would try to plan the sessions for when was convenient for them not me. I was also told very many things by many different trainers about how long it take me to gain the mussel weight every thing from 3 months to a year. I was ignored on the parts of the body I wanted to work out. I also feel I was told to do work outs that would purposefully make my goal take longer so I would need the training longer. My favorite thing that happened was that guy who was so persistent in keeping track on me for when I got my check forgot to schedule me for a session I made with him prior… he was just to lazy to remember to write me in. When I told other people who belonged to other gyms how much I was paying they laughed. I was seriously paying half of my income and I never saw much result I was becoming more tone but not gaining bulk which was the whole point .I became so depressed and broke in fact I stopped going to the gym all together even though I was paying tons of money just because I resented it so much. It truly was one of the worst decisions of my life even though it should have been one of the best. The people knew they were taking advantage of a young couple because they thought we were gullible not because they actually wanted to help us in any way. I take responsibility for the decision I made and I had to pay for that decision by throwing thousands of dollars away for nothing .I hope LA Fitness cleans up there act before someone takes action a lot harder then me and it's just a matter of time before someone does.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I feel your pain as the same thing happened to me at LA Fitness in White Marsh MD. LA Fitness is a vile company that clearly does not have the client's best interest in mind.

They are ruining my life as well because I too can no longer afford the cost of the P.T. and was told from the beginning that I would be able to adjust the frequency of sessions at will. When I went to change the frequency from 3 times a week to 1 time a week, I was told I could not and would continue to be billed for 3 sessions a week for the rest of the year!!! Long story short...I had to cancel my credit card to prevent them from STEALING from me, but I am sure they will send it straight to collections and my once perfect credit will be trashed.

The thing that gets me is that I didn't even want to quit entirely, I just wanted to see the trainer less (like I was told I could do without hassle) I was still willing to give them money as I actually liked my trainer. I understand that I got tricked into signing their bullsh@t "contract" but the fact that nobody, not even corporate, seemed to have any interest in helping me and keep me satisfied as a customer, is truly appalling. Any decent, ethical, customer oriented company would do something about this, as it is better to still get money (even if it's a little less) and have a happy customer, than to have a furious customer who felt the need to go as far as canceling her credit card because management was not willing in any way to accommodate her. Evil, evil, evil, horrible company doesn't care about client's fitness.

I just wanted to do something good for myself as well...and look where it got me.

Thank you LA Fitness. How on earth has this company survived for 29 years?!?!?


That last post was by Jay. Samantha's retarded, Jay is not.

P.S. The title is a bit dramatic



You're a retard. Im sick of retards like you trying to generalize things because you want to act smarter than others.

Business is business, you offer your customers a service. If its a good pitch and you live up to your promises than you have satisfied customers and you're business should thrive. If you make promises to potential customers and ignore them once you have their money, that's just bad business. If your revenue is strictly generated by selling people on a product or service that you don't have, then that's a scam.

You are a franchised company.

Get your *** together, live up to the type of service you offer potential customers and your sales revenue won't have to be based on misleading sales pitches. Good service = happy customers = more money, how much money could la fitness be making if they were legit?


i truly feel sorry for what happened to you at LA fitness. but your title is a little too dramatic.


They do hired thiefs that lie to you all the way and wont tell you what exactly you are signing... they do forget to call you to make appts, no shows from personal trainers... yes she was responsible for buying the training mbrship but LA Fitness is responsible of giving the service that was promised.


Hey, Sammy, you seem to be missing the point. If LA Fitness had confidence in its product, it wouldn't have to resort to high-pressure sales and too-complex-to-quit contracts.

LA Fitness hires a rag-tag bunch of amateurs and thieves. Pure and simple. Visit any club that has been open more than a couple of years. Without exception, it will be filthy.

Hire a trainer. Without a doubt, s/he won't know what the *** s/he is doing.

The owners are greedy, and it shows. Do your homework before you post such an asinine comment.


You can keep blaming LA fitness all you want but at the end of the day you're the consumer who gave into a high pressure sales pitch and didn't read the contract.

I suggest you start blaming yourself. These are employees who have quotas and livings to make, too, and selling PT is their job.

If you would have been firm he'd have been off your case. How do you think that LA fitness can sustain such amazing facilities with monthly membership dues so low? One word: Training. I am tired of people complaining about things because they expect companies and employees to make zilch.

Its annoying. :?