Los Angeles, California

LA Fitness has two ongoing scams which everyone should know about. The first one is when signing up for the contract, please make sure that they put on the contract for all LA Fitness locations. The rep gave me a copy unsigned showing all locations, but had me sign one that stated single membership. I missed it because I read the one that stated all LA Fitness locations.

The second scam is when cancelling. First of all you can only cancel by mailing a letter in. If you do not send the cancellation certified mail, LA Fitness WILL NOT cancel your membership and will continuously charge you until you do send one certified. They will state that they never received the letter (even though I sent two letters) and will not credit back the extra months that they charged you even though you paid first and last month when you started the contract.

When it comes to billing, charge issues, and cancellation, this is the worst place ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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This place does these scams in Canada too


This place is fraud. do not go to LA fitness. It's a never-ending nightmare!!


La fitness sucks they are charging me 300 for a membership that i cancel in person 1 year ago


blow that *** up


This company has been harassing me for years for money that i have never owed them. Just got a call today and its the same thing...well cancel your account. Problem is i cancelled in person three years ago, woman in front of computer says "OK" then a year or so later i get calls asking for credit card number because i owe them 200 to 300 dollars. For what? i paid monthly and never used the service after i cancelled.

Every time they call now (weekly) is another story. "You have to sign a letter" next one says "there is no letter to sign" went down a second time "ok, cancelled" then they call me again or send the same email telling me they can bill my credit card. No *** you cant and for what? acancelled account that was paid in full? If they had my bank acct. # they would rob me blind.



i know how you feel..i pay $39.99/mo and cancelled 3 mo ago...ive been fighting with them ever since. ive sent 2 certified letters to cancell and they claim they never recived them( they were sent back to sender) they are now charging my bank account $50.00/mo....they say its late fees and cause my card was denyed...i just want it to STOP!

WHO THE *** DO YOU CANCELL THE ACOOUNT WITH THEM? someone please help me


I went online and signed up to view my account online. It took about 2 minutes to do so.

Right there on their site was a link for cancelling a membership. It allowed me to print out a PDF file that was already filled out for me to mail off. It was even formatted so that you could fold up the paper on the lines, put a stamp on it and send it in to them. I simply put this in a different envelope, went to the automatic postage machine at the post office (no line at these usually), paid my $4.40 or so for the certified mail stamp, threw it on the envelope and sent it in.

Today (4 days later) I have already received an email from them telling me that my membership has been succesfully cancelled effective Oct31 and that any necessary refund due to my direct debit will be refunded. Looks like you just have to do your due dilligence and pay the $4.40 to save another months dues to me?


Don't get me wrong...LA fitness, 24 hour fitness and Bally's are all *** when it comes to trying to cancel the memberships but if Lawstudent2 cannot even form a coherant posting...do you really think we are going to listen?


I was a member of LA Fitness over 5 years. I originally held a membership at the Long Beach California location which the customer service was fine.

I moved to the Anaheim Hills location and started working out for about 2 years there. All *** broke loose on Christmas when i had my two little brothers with me which i have not saw for a long time due to them being living in another state. When we walked in the gym i asked if they could work out on a guest pass also since it was christmas and they made a big hastle saying you have to print it out online and also my brothers have to be from california with an california id.

They wanted to charge them to work out on christmas and started a big comosion. We all got upset an canceled my membership and the managers didnt care.


I went over the head of the operations manager, Sarah Kraft at my LA Fitness in Seattle and complained to corporate. She took me to court to try to get an antiharrassment order against me.

She thought going over her head was harrassment.

The company actually paid money to hire an attorney to help her. The judge dismissed the case and told her that customer complaints were part of her customer service job and "deal with it".


I love LA Fitness!! I think LA is the best GYM ever made!!

This gym is so awsome!! I basically live there! And all the trainers are so COOL!! I spend more time giving them Kudos then I do working out!!

I even gave them all my credit card numbers(all 5 of them) so they can charge them all at different times!! OMG I LOVE LA FITNESS!!!!!!


I joined a LA Fitness club in Fairfield Twp, Ohio on 02/03/2009. I signed up for a single membership, but was notified by my bank, just 1.2 hours after my workout, that someone at the gym, signed me up for three memberships and took $160.00 out of my account.

It took more than 10 phones calls,threat of a law suit and 9 days later to resolve the issue. If someone like me, in the law enforcement field was taken advanage of and lied to, what is LA Fitness doing to the general public? just for fun, I typed in a Google search box the words. "consumer complaints LA Fitness" and I was shocked by how many stories were listed.

I hope this helps. www.specialpolice.web.officelive.com


Put simply everything that they due concerning the agreement is legal in all senses.

First simply READ READ READ READ the agreement!!!!! This has been the glaring mistake in 90% of all the posts that are concerning L.A Fitness.

Secondly go at the end of the month for the best deal on a membership (Never pay Account activation fee, will be waived in a heartbeat).

Thirdly do NOT pay for a personal trainer or personal classes! This is a complete waste.

Then fourthly try and plan out how long you will use the gym membership and all cancelation details. L.A. for example requires all members to cancel by use of a letter that is printed out online or at a club. You should send this in 30 days before your next billing cycle via certified mail. This way you will have proof of the delivery and receipt of the cancelation form.

Simple as that

Excuse the grammar and word choice am in a hurry.

Hope it helps.


For: lawstudent

If you can bring them to a class action, I'll be devoted to you and become your #1 supporter. They deserve a punishment for all the lies and the "blood" money they took from innocent customers.


I went to a new LA Fitness that they just opened up 2 miles away from my house & the sales person was very eager to sign me up, of course that's what they do! They get commission for this then after they have done their deed You're just another fish in the pond.When I asked him about cancelling his anwer was: 'You can cancel anytime" Thank Goodness I didn't join after reading all these negative comments about LA Fitness.


Same problem with me they are so quick to sign you up, but try and cancel they make it so difficult for you it's a nightmare

and no one helps you it is a scam if I ever saw one...


LA fitness is the worst gym i have been at! All is true, they make it very difficult to cancel.

Equipment is broken down and old at gyms in minority neighborhoods and the trainer are constantly bothering you to sign up for personal training. I hate it so badly I never went back!


sounds like grounds for a possible class action


Updating my 10/2 comment, I sent another two letters on 10/2 to confirm my suspicion of their fraud and as of 10/15, they have stated they still have not received a cancellation letter. Furthermore, the rep today stated there were no previous notes of me ever calling in and telling them to cancel, when I called three times.