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An LA Fitness was opening near my workplace, so I decided to sign up and take advantage of early registration rates. I signed the paperwork and paid them an early registration fee.

The club did not open on time. It eventually opened, well over a year late. In that year, my company decided to move. Since I knew it was moving, but did not know where, and the club would no longer be convenient, I attempted to call to cancel my early registration.

I was told I would be able to cancel at any time with no penalty, so why not keep it in case my company moved near another branch? This seemed fair, so I stupidly kept it.

We moved. Not near an LA Fitness. And the last thing on my mind at the time was my fitness membership I had registered for *over a year ago*. Then several months later, I got a call. They were having trouble billing me.

What? Why is LA Fitness *billing me*. I never set foot inside an LA Fitness. My membership was never activated. Oh, they explained, after the club opens, they activate your membership and bill you, whether you've ever been to a club or not. If I want to cancel it, I'd have to write in and pay for what I'd already accrued. I refused. The phone guy told me he'd talk to his manager who would call me back. No one called me.

Several months later, it's now 2008. (I signed up in January 2006!) They call me. They're having trouble billing. I patiently explain what I already told them before. They tell me that I can cancel, but I'll have to pay a 30 day fee. I tell them no. The guy tells me my membership agreement requires me to. I ask to look at a copy and he says it is on the website. (If it is, it is hidden in their members only area. Which I don't have access to because I never signed up for any of this.) I call him back and get an answering machine.

A few minutes later another guy calls, this one from the specific branch I had joined. I explain the same thing. He gives me the number of the manager of Membership Services, Tim. Thanks. I call Tim. Tim explains that they *are* charging me already and that I did use the club in November. I have never been there. And the date he gave was when I was on the east coast. I check my credit card. Damnit, somehow they found a way to charge me when they couldn't before, and I hadn't caught it.

I'm writing to their headquarters right now, but as it's currently looking, it seems that they will now have taken hundreds of dollars of my money. And I have still never even set foot inside an LA Fitness.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Bad experience. It started with the sales person trying sell me a more expensive membership.

Since he approached the whole thing in an insulting and demeaning manner, I decided not to join. A few weeks later I got a call from a different sales person asking why I didn't join. When I told him why, he asked me to please give them a second chance and he would treat me differently. Well he was a lot nicer.

But I did not get the membership he said he was signing me up for. What he said he signed me up for gave me more priviledges than what he actually signed me up for. I got absolutely no where trying to remedy this and was treated like dirt. I was only trying to make things right.

Stay away from LAFitness in San Diego/ Clairemont area. And be very careful when you sign up. They have you sign the paper before viewing the agreement.

They lied to me to get me to sign up and never to date made it right but instead called me a liar. It isn't worth the headache.



OMG this is the exact same thing that they said to me. They said that I went to one in Seattle on April 4th.

I live over an hour away from Seattle and was at work.

So because of that they said that they can't refund my joining fee. (Like you mine opened late so I joined another