Irvine, California

We had the LA Fitness membership for close to 20 years. Therefore our membership fee was very low. Recently (Dec. 6, 2012) my wife went to the fitness center and was told our membership expired 3 months ago. They do not accept our payment instead wanted us to start a new agreement. Obviously the fee is multiple times higher than we used to have.

They said our membership expired on Aug. 22, 2012. They called us numerous times since may 2012. I told them we have never received any call and no one told us when we visited the fitness center until Dec. 6, 2012. They said their record indicated the last time I visited the center is on Aug. 1, 2012 and my wife was Apr. 26, 2012. I believed they lied and did this intentionally in order to increase the membership fee. The reasons are,

1. We never received call

2. We visited the fitness center multiple times after the expiration date (Aug. 22, 2012). My wife was in the Zumba class. When the front desk scanned the membership card they knew the status of the membership. So they could remind her the membership fee is due. (within 90 day, membership can be renewed without problem). They chose not to tell her until Dec. 6, 2012 (past the 90 days limitation).

3. Since their record indicated my last visit was on Aug. 1, 2012 they could have told me the membership was about to expire and they never did.

It is one sneaky way to get rid of the long time membership who has very low membership fee. I wonder if there is any legal action we can take to reinstate our membership.



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they give 3 months before they terminate the membership, that's not bad


The writer claims he had a low membership fee, but does not state just how much it was. He's also so happy with these people that does not, by name, name a single one of I've got to throw the *** flag on this one.


BS flag...I think you work for them....the internet is full of complaints concerning LA Fitness and their horrendous practices...