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I joined LA Fitness back in June. Eighteen days later I tried to cancel my membership.

I had not been given a copy of my contract until two weeks later when I tried to cancel. The guy who signed me up had me sign things on a small device. I told him I had an unsteady job and I wanted to be able to cancel at any time. I later found out that they put down $3300 for personal training and then told me I would be responsible for half of it.

When I joined the liar told me I would only be responsible for one months fee. I kept getting harassed after I sent a certified letter to Pro Result (aka LA Fitness) canceling my membership. LA Fitness places your cell phone in a database so you get phone calls from different phone numbers seven days a week at all times of the day from their various locations hassling you for money. I had to place a Merchant stop pay to get LA Fitness from continuously charging me for $240 a session for sessions that I was not even there for.

I have been to LA Fitness in person to two different locations to get them to stop. DO NOT give them your credit card. If anyone has had a similar experience please post. I want to file a class action suit.

Apparently LA Fitness has done this to a lot of people.

Just Google it. I wish I had before signing with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

La Fitness Cons: Deceptive practices.

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I am in the same place right now my trainer is harassing me to pay him for "Free" sessions he didn't put in the system! I called corp.

and they are not doing nothing about it! I told them I wanted to cancel because I don't feel comfortable going anymore. They told me to go to a different location!

I was like WTF i sign up in that location because is close to my home i am not going to drive around town just because the *** trainer are asking me for money on the side.! I am very disappointed about this whole thing!