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Johns Creek is a predominantly middle/upper class caucasian/asian community located near a hospital and country club. The staff at this location however is all black; I have no problem with african americans in general however I feel the staff at this location is hostile to its members needs.

They are so rude, lazy, and generally bully the members. They treat the gym as if it were their own private night club blasting music, cleaning only when they are likely to be checked up on...I asked them several times to turn the music down as it wa so loud people had to shout to hear each other; the black girl at the front desk actually yelled at me when i made this request and said that she did not feel it was too loud. I have never been treated so rudely by an employee. La Fitness needs to replace the entire staff at this location as they are completely out of touch with this community.

They could perhaps be moved to a downtown atlanta location where members might be accustomed to such treatment, laziness, rudeness...they are definitely giving la fitness a bad image. I called corporate and that apparently did not help as they completely did nothing....DO NOT join the JOHNS CREEK GEORGIA location!

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If you didn't have an issue with black people skin color wouldn't have been mentioned in this post at all... just saying.


Well I'm black and I Agree with Her! The gyms in the predominantly black areas are poorly kept!

They simple don't hire enough janitors to keep the place clean for the volume of people... I can go on for days about LAFithy


Oh wow. Yeah, it's sooo obvious you have no problems with African Americans.

I can always tell when people most certainly DO have biases and prejudices because they are unable to keep skin color out of their complaints.

Your post could've easily left that information out, it's not especially relevant, but you just couldn't help yourself. In other words "hey black people, go back to the inner city where your behavior might be better accepted and stay out of my predominently white/asian neighborhood"

Not fooling anyone jacka$$.