Fort Worth, Texas

La fitness has stolen hundreds of dollars from my account here in texas after 9 months of going back and forth with them and proven documents and e-mails they have sumbitted fraudulant documents to my bank saying I am the fraud so the bank reversed the money. I was instructed to file a police report since I have all 15 pages of documentation and I have a log book of every time I have called them.

Today I called and themanager said he dealt with me once if they submitted documentation the I am the one who is lying and he will say he knows nothing on the subject if the police call and will say I am harrising him and will counter suit me and I am the fraud. I have original documents and e-mails from them. I had to cancel my debit card today becuase they reopened my account. They say you have to cancel by mailing in forms -not true if you go in and demand it the manager on duty or the GM will cancels it right then and there and give you a copy.

I tried and filed a police report cop said to file civil suit and that is what I will be doing tommorrow. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH LA FITNESS! The cop said since i have proof the contract was cancelled and the try and charge it now they will press criminal charges. I hope LA fitness gets it good and somone takes them for all that they have.

There are over 2000 complaints on here for this same thing in different states and the bank said the same thing and no one is doing anything about it.

Well I am going to try and I am calling news stations and my attorney. I am one small fish in a big sea but if others join me then maybe more attention will be brought to the subject because if no one stands up then they will keep getting away with it forever.

signing off,

one pissed off mommy

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They have stole tons of money from me too!


YES they LIE and steal!! I am in my own battle. I hope you get them for all that they owe you!!


Mine is not as extreme but I signed up with LA fitness on the 17th of ia certain month and I haven't been going for some time now, so I decided to put my account on hold on the 16th... well their billing system charges you 5 days prior to the actual bill day and so the change I made to my account doesn't take effect until NEXT month.

I demanded they refund money because they did not explain that any changes you want made to your account must take place no later than 6 days before your actual billing day because once that 5th day comes, they no longer see you (the customer). All they see is $$$


I had the about 200 hundred dollars stolen from me by LA Fitness. They cancelled my membership when I requested it but they just refused to stop billing me for the child care for three kids for several multiple months.

Never got the full amount back. BRUTAL!!!!!!


I'm dealing with unfair billing practices by LA Fitness too. Filed complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General.

I'd love to hear what happens. Sounds like you've got lots of good documentation.