Chicago, Illinois


In Chicago, they take it Bally (where the pass for a month was aprox. 15$).

When I was after 1 dec. 2011, now is LA Fitness, an arrogant guy tell me minimum is 75, just for a month. The atitude was like he was the general manager and i was there for cleaning the pool, even my wath was like his sallary in a month. When I was with a friend for talking again,the same response, even I had received an brochure from LA fitness "Come to us for just 13,99 for month".

I was again with another friend and hwo resolve the problem after 20 mins. negociations, without contract, with 30$/month, when I'm interested just for pool, because I have home gym. A short and fat assian girl(more arogant than first guy), has tried to lied me that I must put 2 coins in the big locker, for use it. Not was like that but much worse.

So, you put the objects inside, and close the loker. Go to at gym and after, you want to use the pool. So you must put another quarter, for taking thongs, swim equipement and others. After the pool you must go to the shower.

Get the soap, shampoo, towel and others and put another quarter. If you want to take something when you are there, easily spend a dollar in each day. That arrogant asian girl stayed in front of me like at bar and talk to oters when I spoked with her.

So, Bally was worse, but LA Fitness is more then that! In my opinion, almost all employees must be out!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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"almost all employees must be out!"----Oh yea! can't wait to see that happens.