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Scottsdale, Arizona LA Fitness stole my credit card number without my authorization. Absolutely the worst company I have ever done business with.

Terrible customer service if you have a problem. Its all about the money and their staff cheated and stole my credit card number. Here's what happened: I bought my daughter an initiation .. a get started package for $158 for Christmas.

I made sure that the gentleman on the phone knew that I wanted this to be a one time charge. I heard him run the card on his machine and he promised that would be the only charge. He did tell me that my daughter could continue after the initiation period if she chose to, but my card would NOT BE CHARGED. "He lied." LA Fitness staff stole my credit card information.

Not once did I sign a contract. I gave permission to GET HER STARTED for this one time fee. I never once agreed verbally nor contractually to continue to use my credit card number, in fact as I had said I made sure he told me it would not be used again. Without my signature on any contract LA Fitness continued to use my credit card number after the initiation period.

I tried multiple times to contact them via the phone, but their system directs you to a NON PERSON program. Even AFTER I contested the charges through my credit card company, ... they CONTINUED to charge my credit card! Absolutely the worst experience and I own operate a successful customer two businesses.

Use caution when allowing their staff to use your credit card and I pray you never have an issue that you need to contact someone with decision making power.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Fitness Program.

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