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Had I seen all these comments and dissatisfaction by members, I would absolutely never sign up at LA Fitness!!!

On November, 2010 I went to LA fitness in uptown Minneapolis MN. Looking to sign up, all I wanted was just a basic membership.

After taking the tour I sat down with the membership advisor we spoke about my fitness goals. He then advised me that I sign up for the personal training program and promise that I meet my goal by doing so. I told him that I wont be able to afford it and that I'll pass on that. He went back and forward with me, made me very uncomfortable and won't let me go unstill I signed up.

He told me that I should give it a try for 3 month and if I don't like it I would be able to cancel the membership. He was very pushy and persistent so I did. After three month or so I decided it was way too much to pay $100 for the training and $35 for the basic membership so I went in to cancel, well I was told I signed a year contact and that I had to pay $400 + to cancel my membership. None of this was explained to me; I was led into believing a complete lie and pushed into something I had not planned and don't have the money for.

I tried numerous times to resolve the issue but I had no luck. No one seemed to care about the customers or take ownership to solve any arising issues. This indicates to me that employees are there for the paycheck but not for the success of the company. Poor customer service I had ever seen in my entire life!!!

Finally after about 6 month I had enough talking to different incompetent people so I froze my account by paying $60, which I was told $20 a month for the remaining 6 month. At that point I asked what the options are about cancelling the membership right away; I was told that the memberships will falloff automatically at the end of the year. A month before the end of the long frustrating year with LA FITNESS, I called to inquire if I need to come in to personally to end the training membership? I was put on hold...

I can hear them speak among each other; no one had the right info or knows their job well. So they told me once again that it will automatically falloff. Well this morning I checked my account and saw that I'm billed yet again $135. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and it's about time LA FITNESS takes responsibility and fixed this situation!

I'm consulting with my lawyer to see how I can get compensated for the emotional stress they cased me. I have been calling the La fitness in uptown Minneapolis for the last hour, no one is answering; the phone is just ringing and ringing.... No voice mail, in the meantime I decided to right this comment. I will write a follow up email to tell you what happens when I get a hold of someone.

I have no words to explain the frustration LA fitness cased me. Think twice before becoming an LA FITNESS member!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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I stopped in there to check on a possible membership. After waiting about 20 minutes before anyone would even ask me why I was there, they finally had me meet with a rep.

During the meeting, the staff member constantly interupted our conversation taking phone calls, and never did look at my in the eye during our meeting.

Then had the balls to call me twice a day getting me to join. I finally told him, by calling me your waisting your time..and if i'd have joined, you would have waisted mine.


First of all sales men's job is to be pushy so there is no reason to complain about that. You could have walked out and made your own choices not to listen so that is on you.

Second our monthly fees have gone down so this is inaccurate. Third we discontinued contracts and you can cancel your membership easily in person at any location.

Also freezing went down to $10 a month. This is a horrible wrong review of a great gym please delete your negative comments.


I'm a long-time Bally member. LA Fitness just bought Bally and is closing our club.

I already don't like them. Plan to cancel my membership and go elsewhere.

Sucks, because this was a nice club right by my house. SOBs they are.