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I want to get out of my contract and this is what email to the vice president and no response

I am currently a member of LA Fitness on Sugarloaf Parkway. The experience has not been what I had planned to obtain and achieve through my workout plans. There have been several issues that I looked over but have gotten out of control in my perception from day one. Let me start by letting you know that I joined LA fitness so that I can lose weight, gain energy, and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. My schedule is rather busy because I work two jobs and also in a Master's program. My full time job is working at an oncologist's office. (This is stressful dealing with the loss of people that I have grown attached too.) So another reason I joined your facility was to take my energy off of being sad and putting it into my workout.

I joined LA fitness on a basis that I thought that I was joining a replicable company. Todd the gentleman that signed me up is a great guy and was very persistent; if I may add. I actually had no intention on getting a personal trainer. But, Todd thought that it would be necessary considering my body fat and busy lifestyle. I agreed with Todd and told him that I would talk it over with my fiancé and let him know by Friday. (My pay day!) Again Todd was very persistent and I told him I would sign up but it will still be Friday when I could do it. I explained that I had a big trip coming up and I wanted to keep all my extra money so I could have fun on my trip. Before the night I signed over a voided check that was supposed to take care of my personal training and fee. Todd told me I could toss the check after he had entered it into the computer and I did. The next day Todd called me and left several messages stating that he could come to my job and pick up the check because he didn't process it properly. I stated to Todd that my friend will be coming up there at noon and I can send the check by him. (Todd had seen the guy with me the previous day) Before I could even call my friend to tell him the agreement I made with Todd. My friend called me saying that Todd had left him a message about him bringing a check. I should have listened to my first instinct in not join because of that; because Todd had no right calling him because what if I was talking about another friend. Even my friend felt uncomfortable about that action. But instead I kept quiet about the incident and began my training. But just found out on June 12, 2009 that my check was not on file and they were using a credit card and now I have to basically pay twice for this month and I'm upset about that so I did however stop payment after I gave the guy my check number by phone again.

Todd scheduled me with a new gentleman for my training (Howard). I really enjoyed Howard the fact that he was helping me with something I really enjoy and that's boxing; also I like the fact that he trains me and not talk to other people during the whole session. Todd only scheduled me a few sessions with him because he wanted to see how I liked training with Howard. I wanted to keep training with Howard and the manager over Todd kept telling me his schedule was not opened. Every time I requested him I was told that. Which I didn't understand because I was told by Todd that Howard was new and it wouldn't be any trouble getting on his schedule. So, I was scheduled with a trainer name Wayne. On the day that I was supposed to train with Wayne; I went up to the desk as usual and introduced myself and told him I was his appointment. Wayne told me I was not on his scheduled and told me he don't like to train with other trainer's clients. So, the manager Isotope was walking by and Howard was walking by as well. I stood up there while Isotope and Wayne argued in front of me that I was on his schedule and he needed to train me. It got so crazy that Todd came over and excused me from them. I told Todd then I could go home and won't come back. He apologized for that and finally Wayne came over and apologized as well and gave me two free sessions. I took the free sessions but like I explained to Isotope; Wayne is a little too popular for me. Isotope tells me that Wayne trains her and she lost 30 lbs with him and he's good, and that's how they are with one another and blah blah etc… The whole time he was training me; his clients kept coming and interrupting my sessions. I was still being told Howard's schedule was closed and had no trainer. Wayne, told me to call him and he would squeeze me in and called for over a week and never received a callback. So, after three weeks of no trainer I called and spoke with a manager. Isotope, after telling her I want Howard she convinced me to go with a young lady name Shameka. Isotope scheduled me a whole month with this young lady after again telling me Howard schedule was closed.

On the day of my training with Shameka I saw and spoke with Howard; asking him could he squeeze me in that I was willing to leave or be late for work to be on his schedule. He told me I could train with him and he had been looking for me ever since that incident with Wayne that he felt bad because that was not right how it was played in front of a client. I explained that I was being told that his schedule was closed and he showed me that it was not closed. I was going to go ahead and train with him that day but decided I should give Shameka the respect and train with her since I was on her scheduled many days prior.

I did however enjoy Shameka but again; I feel I pay my money and I should get with whom I am more comfortable with; which is Howard. So after the training I go to Isotope and tell her that I still want Howard. She then says, "so you don't like Shameka?" I explain to her that I have nothing against Shameka. She goes on telling me Shameka is good. I explained to her that I like Howard and his schedule is now open. She then tells me if I go with Howard it will be on my own accord and risk. Because Howard has a tendency of not showing for his clients and not only that but he is on probation. She stated that she doesn't want me to not work out because of Howard's negligence. So, we agreed that she was going to put me on for Howard on that Thursday; so I could talk to him about it.

On Thursday, Howard called me to confirm our appointment. I just simply explained to Howard that I am spending my money for this training and wanted to assure that he is going to be present and that my money is not going to waste. Howard told me he would be there and I asked him was he going to try to leave soon. I did, however, mention him being on probation as well. Howard then disagreed with me and I told him that Isotope and I was discussing these issues prior. He assured me everything was going to be fine. On Thursday when I was going to meet with Howard his manager Joseph was waiting to meet with me. He wanted me to meet with him and Isotope. I explained to him I do not like confrontation and I didn't have time for that; and that I came to workout. However, he explained that he just wanted to ask me some questions. I proceeded to follow him and then Isotope stated that she went to H.R. and that's where it's ending.

This made me feel very uncomfortable and uneasy. From my understanding that created a group of lies and confusion. I just don't want to be apart of it. I do not need confusion or chaos in an environment that I can completely eliminate. I called Joseph after discussing it with my fiancé and we decided that it is best if I discontinue my services with LA fitness. Todd told me when I first signed up that I have to give a 30 day notice. I called Joseph the manager and told him I wanted to discontinue because of all the unnecessary drama and he tells me I have to pay 800 dollars to get out of my membership. Why should I have to pay that when it was the situations and inconvenience I had to deal with the reason I want to drop my membership. Mr. Morris I don't want anything to do with LA fitness and would not recommend the Sugarloaf Parkway LA fitness to anyone. I am trying to handle this the best way I know how and that's informing you because it seems as if they are *** bent on making it hard for me. All I'm asking to get out of my contract and willing to pay only for the months I've been there. What works for others did not work for me and I can understand that! The easiest thing is to let me out of my contract or I may have to seek other alternatives until I get this issue resolved in the best manner.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The sugarloaf LA fitness mens locker room STINKS, the bathroom toilets n floors r absolutely DISGUSTING all the time!

@Joseph B

I have complained many times about the stench in mens locker room and the filthly conditions of the bathrooms, however, nothing changes..


Latoya, I felt sorry for you the way the argument concerning you, took place in your presence. You must have felt humiliated.

You nor I had anything to do with what was occurring, although it was apparently about you. I took you away from what was going on for that purpose. I wasn't present for the meeting that occurred with the General Manager, the Operations Manager and the Personal Trainer. I did hear about it though afterwards.

Obviously, you are upset, however I have done nothing malicious to you at all and I thought I conveyed to you a genuine interest in you reaching your fitness goals. I would deeply appreciate going forward, if you make any future postings, that you would please consider using my title as opposed to my formal name, specifically in a negative light. IT MAY create problems for me in the future, unless that is your actual intention. My title was the Weekend General Manager at that time if you need to refer to me or my actions involving this or any incidents.

I did not do anything unethical with your check at any time. The Trainer mentioned is an awesome trainer and an even better person.

For that matter, so am I as well. Latoya, please remember you cannot take back anything you put on the Internet.


I concur with John.


i don't blame the vp for no response. your e-mail is like reading the entire news paper & not attractive to read at all.

Next time if u should e-mail or write anyone for any reason make it short & to the point pls.

Thanks. :?