Miami, Florida
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Mistreated my 9 year old girl and myself , by not letting her sir down in the lobby/waiting area while Dad was exercising for 30 minutes. My daughter was away from any liability or the equipment area.

Just a lack of concern and good judgement, making my daughter and myself feel pretty bad.

I Will never go back to that place nor I will recommend such a place to a friend or family. Manager Claire Swindle and saleswoman Courtney Turner were unpolite, they did not care much about my daughter and myself and they did try to justify their conduct by using absurd arguments.

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OMG what a low class answer from Courtney Turner, who represents the company. If I were the manager, she would have been gone long time ago.

What a disrespect toward customers. I've never, ever would be part of a place like this.


Your daughter urinated on the chairs, thats why we asked her to no sit there. Do you not have a baby sitter or a nanny?

Why would you make your child sit in a chair for 30 mins while you worked out? what the *** is she gonna do while she sits there besides be bored as *** smelling sweaty ball smell all day