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To anyone who wants to sign up for a gym, DO NOT go to LA Fitness!!!! Here's why:

I was not a member of LA Fitness before this, so Dan, the employee who signed me up, told me that I needed to open an account and pay the registration fee, first and last monthly fees, along with other fees that are associated with being a member, before I was able to sign up for training sessions. Disappointed in the money I had to pay up front, to only be a gym member to use a trainer for 2 months, I paid the $300 fee, even when I told him I wasn't going to use the gym itself, only to utilize the trainer. After the membership aspect was taken care of, he proceeded to tell me about training session packages. I specifically wanted to do 1 or 2 months worth of training at LA Fitness only. Dan was well aware of this because I mentioned this numerous times during our meeting together. He told me that it'll be no problem for me to sign up for a year's worth of training and told me after 2 months, to call and cancel my account. I specifically asked him if I will have any problems cancelling my account early and if I was responsible for a cancellation payment or any other type of payment after the 2 months was up, and he confidently told me "no, everything will be taken care of then."

After the 2 months of training was up, and a couple hundred dollars later, I cancelled my LA Fitness account using the online website without any complication, assuming that my training account was linked to my membership account and that too, will also be cancelled. I was then charged another $45 the following two months after my account was already cancelled. I called LA Fitness and the woman who helped me credited my account one time, only for $45, when it should have been $90. I explained I only wanted to be a member for 2 months and I already paid up front the first and last months fees and should not be charged for 2 additional months. I tried contacting the manager numerous times, leaving my name and number to correct this situation. I was told each time that he will call me back. When I called back a couple days later, the manager, Tom, was finally available. He told me that I had to speak with another member of the team to get the other $45 credited back to my account, which that person is not there at the moment. I told him my frustration about this situation, but he just reiterated that I needed to speak with this person to get that credited back to my account.

I soon found out from LA Fitness that I was responsible to pay 50% of the remaining balance after I cancelled my training account. One important step Dan NEVER mentioned to me while I was signing up. The terms of the contract were not explained properly and I had been misled from a supposed "trained" employee. After I found this information out, I went back to speak with this employee, only to find out he does not work at LA Fitness anymore!! I called the training manager and general manager of LA Fitness numerous times, again, without any call backs. Finally, when I did get a hold of them, the only thing they were able to tell me was to call Corporate and explain my situation. This is the reason I was charged for another 2 months at $45 each time was due to the fact that my training account was not cancelled, even though my LA Fitness account was cancelled. I spoke with 2 or 3 different people from Corporate who claimed they were managers and were not understanding about my situation. They were all very cold and accused me of not reading my contract thoroughly and asking questions to the LA Fitness employee. They were disrespectful and just mentioned over and over again that they were able to suspend my account for a month, then, I was to pay the 50% of the remaining balance the following month-- almost $1000!! That is the only thing they were able to do for me.

NEVER did any of them say "I'm sorry this happened to you," instead they pretty much verbally attacked me!

On top of the $300 I had to pay for becoming a member of LA Fitness--a gym I never actually used to work-out, unless I had a training session and was working with the trainer-- I had to pay another $150 for trainer registration fees. With the cash I spent, all I got was a training log booklet!! $40 for a half-hour session for training, on top of the $150 trainer registration fee, $45 a month to continue to be a member of a gym that I rarely went to, along with the other misunderstood fees is outrageous. I really feel like I wasted my time and money!

Why can't a person sign up with a trainer instead of becoming a member of the gym, if they do not plan to utilize the gym any other time?

Their employee made a significant error while opening up a new account and they have the responsibility as a large, well known company to fix the situation and see that a reasonable solution can be provided.

Both the gym and training managers at the Springfield LA Fitness I went to, are incompetent and lazy and "pass the buck" to other employees when they are unaware of what to say or do. I was under the impression the LA Fitness employee who signed me up was trained and competent in his position and would offer the full facts before signing a potential customer. I would also assume the managers would help a customer and not have them call back on numerous occasions to get an answer to their question.

On top of this, I called Corporate one morning, only to be on hold for 10 minutes, when a voice message comes on and says the office is closed until 9am Pacific time. Why was I on hold for that long just to be told by an answering machine that the offices are closed???!

So, later on I called my local club to get the name and number of the district manager--thinking they would definitely have it. They had no email address or name they could give me!!!

This time, I called Corporate back later (business hours, now), to get the district manager's name and email address-- only to find that NO ONE had it!! This is Corporate that I'm calling and NO ONE has the district manager's email address??? After being transferred from person to person--someone was able to give me the email address and name----- only when I emailed my complaint letter, did it bounce back. Again, I called Corporate up again, and some gentleman heard my frustration and gave me the correct email address.

2 weeks went by and I have not heard anything yet from the district manager. I sent another email, again without a response. This is the district manager we're talking about here--shouldn't he be checking his emails frequently??? So, while I was on vacation I had to call Corporate yet again because I have been back and forth with a billion people for over a month about this situation, to complain to that "manager" about the situation and mentioned the district manager has not contacted me back. Surprisingly, after I brought up the word "lawyer" and "writing to magazines and newspapers" about my ordeal, the very next day I got a call and email from the district manager. He said he never got my 2 other emails... (yeah right). He too was very cold and not understanding. The whole 45 minute long phone call, I was pretty much defending myself.

Overall, things went my way after I mentioned writing to local newspapers and magazines.


Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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Try contacting the better business bureau. My friend and I had a situation with the trainers there too and she contacted the better business bureau filed a complaint about them and was able to have our problem resolved.

I'm not sure they properly train their employees. Ive been a member of La Fitness for 3 years since it opened and it seems like the trainers and the sales people don't last very long