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Visited LA Fitness outlet in Troy, Mi. Feb 2, 2012. The place was SOOOO crowded there was a 15-20 minute wait to get on some equipment. I wasn't about to wait, so I went to the pool instead. There was a small class of women doing water aerobics, and 3 other people swimming. After about 30 minutes of swimming I noticed the towel I brought into the pool area and hung at the end of the pool had been stolen.

Confronting a janitor that had just come through the area, told me he didn't take it. After drying off using paper towels, dressing and going to the front desk, the manager could hardly be bothered. Her cold, curt, textbook, robotic "I'm sorry" left an impression I will NEVER forget! No compassion, no interest in helping me at at all. It was the look of "it's only a bath towel".

She seemed and looked very young, probably does not have children. Not that that matters except the "it's only a bath towel" impression REALLY pissed me off!!! That towel was an embroidered towel and a fathers day gift from my children that can never be replaced. Her lack of human compassion was about as repugnant as it gets! I can only hope if she ever has children.... ERRRR scratch that....Let's just pray she never does!

SHAME ON YOU LA Fitness, Troy, MI. SHAME ON YOU Manager! You are disgusting!

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Well, there's really not much that could be done to help you out in that situation. I doubt that you would be comfortable with a gym that put video cameras up in it's locker rooms and swimming pool areas, and it would be ridiculous to have an employee go and search your locker every time someone claimed something went missing.

Also, I didn't realize that women in America should be judged based on wether or not they have children. I say good on LA Fitness for not acting like fascists.