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DO NOT give LA Fitness authority to charge your bank account or credit card monthly. I went on-line on their website and cancelled the payment authority and switched it to Bill Pay at another bank. They continued to charge thru the first bank, as well as being paid thru the second.

TWO HOURS on the phone and got nowhere. Nothing complicated: Stop charging my account. you are being paid twice.

Finally, I went to my bank and they charged back the months of overcharges.

Bank told me LOTS OF TROUBLE with LA Fitness.

WHAT TO DO: BANK ADVISED...send them a letter cancelling your membership or cancelling their right to charge your account monthly. Send it certified. Then take it to your bank and have the bank charge back any unauthorized charges. DO NOT RELY on LA Fitness to cancel charging. Send a letter to the bank telling the bank to stop automatic charging, as well, with a copy of the LA Fitness letter.

As soon as you notify LA Fitness NOT to charge your account, any charges made after that are UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES same as a THIEF charging your credit card.

pay them with a monthly check, or with "bill pay" from your bank (which is free). YOU pay THEM---they don't dip into your account. with all the news about credit card info stolen from one company or another, and identity fraud rampant, this is just good security on your part.

with all the complaints posted about unauthorized charges, it is obvious it is their policy to RIP PEOPLE OFF by grabbing an unauthorized month or more whenever they can.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Thanks for the feedback on how to cancel their use of my credit card for payment


very good info in here many thx Jayjaycam