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I am 47 and I have severe osteoarthritis in my back. I was told I got to meet with a trainer 1x for free.. woohoo, kewl..NOT!

The young man was 24 130 pounds soaking wet. I did not know until later he was NOT an actual trainer. So he works me out, I told him ahead of time all my health issues.

He worked me like I was his age and in perfect health. I told him my back was starting to hurt in one area and he said well just 2 more.. I don't know why I went with it. I guess I thought he knows more than me..duh

When I was done my legs shook and I could barely walk. I was tired, and felt like vomiting really bad, told him that and he said that was normal.

I thought I was signing an agreement like when I joined the club. I gave these poo heads over 600.00 for the trainer, first month plus fee's. He asked what day I wanted to make payments, I said the 4th.

Well I went home and the next morning I could not get out of bed! I was in so much pain I was in tears, and I can tolerate A LOT of pain!

My legs hurt so bad, and also the spot in my back I told him was hurting while he was working me.

I did not look at the paperwork for 3 days, it was a weekend so I had until Monday 6/1.. I looked at the contract the night before..thank God! So I sent a letter to their main offices and hand delivered one to the club.

I have not been back since I was injured. I was LIVID when I saw he had lied to me and tricked me about what I was getting.

I thought I was signing up month to month. he said I can cancel ANY TIME with 30 day notice. He never said there would be penalties, nor did he tell me I had 3 days to cancel.

Then I went to the web, HOLY ****! I was shocked to see all the hundreds of complaints, same problems I had and am having.

I talked to him today and he said I couldn't get out of it because it was longer than 3 days.. I said no, it was 3, he said "well saturday is also a biz day"..LMAO..***! I said no it isn't and he said well the banks are open.

So then he tried to pull something else out of his butt by saying I signed the contract at 2pm on the 27th, so I had only until 2pm on the 1st to cancel and I didnt come until 5:30.

I told him nice try, I had until midnight on the 3rd day and I read it to him off the dumb contract. He also tried to fast talk me into keeping the trainer.. I said NO i want it canceled, period!

So he said he had to talk to someone and would get back to me in 48 hours and would freeze my account so they wouldn't take anymore money..

Oh yeah, they took 525.00 out of my account only 5 days after I already paid them for the first month!!! I am disputing it through my bank now.

Anyhow, I get an email "confirming" the freeze..But it said only frozen until Aug, as I had requested!!!! Whatever these people smoke should be smoked when not working! I didn't request anything, I demanded they stop stealing my money and I want out of my contract!!

I am so angry about this. I told him i was going to cancel my club membership too because they are not honest and I just don't want anything more to do with this place after this.

I just had never thought to look online before going there. And yes I should of read the contract before signing. I tried and he would keep interrupting me, talking to me, and being all sweet and funny.

He kept my mind off what I was signing, and I am sure everyone has had that experience with these screwed salesmen. I am not be blamed. But I DID cancel before my 3 days were up.

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:grin I did get all my money back.. And I got it quickly! On the 3rd day I not only gave my La fitness the cancellation letter, but I also sent one to the main office. And then I kept on both sides until I was told my contract was for sure cancelled!!

I got all my 1200.00 bucks back within 10 days! And I have learned a lot from this. To never sign anything like this again, and to always sleep on it..Never let them talk you into signing anything until you have a couple of days to think about it and do a google search;-)

Had I done that I would never have signed that contract. And NEVER EVER believe anyone trying to sell you something. It is safer to assume they are out to get as much $$ from you as they can.

I decided to keep my monthly club membership with them. It's a good price, and close. So now I just need to get these people to show me how to use the equipment and what to use that will work for me. I sure cannot walk in there and just know.

That it what they were supposed to be doing the first day I went and instead put my back out and sold me something I couldn't afford.