Las Vegas, Nevada

I went in to LA Fitness for an assessment and then was told about the personal trainer "special pricing" which I told them I could not do as I am unemployed. He kept telling me how much I needed this and I kept telling him I can't do this now.

Then he said he would check with his Manager who started the same line of questioning. He futher had the nerve to say how about family or friends that could help you?

I said how many friends do YOU have that would be willing to shell out $40.00 a month for you for a health club? Finally I said I don't need this pressure and he said "have a nice day" as insincere as could be.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I've been in this situation, too. Yes, it's always best to walk away instead of giving in to the sales pitch.


"You can't eve spell "tried" a simple word which even fourth graders can spell."

Why call someone out on spelling if this is how you are going to do it? Glass houses, Tasha. Glass houses.


I can see why you are unemployed. You can't eve spell "tried" a simple word which even fourth graders can spell. Who would want to hire someone who does not even have a fourth grade education?


These people are trained to hassle you until you give in. They are even trained to make you feel unconfortable about your body size/image to get your business by claiming they can make you look better.