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LA Fitnee - It's alway overbooked and can not get the court time, can not get on the machines, and locker rooms are small. I had membership for several years and I wanted to freeze the membership to avoid paying the initiation fee, again.

LA Fitness is charging me $25 per 3 months and if I unfreeze before three months is up. They will charge me to unfreeze the membership.

So, I am cancelling my membership and I going to send email to all my friends to follow me and cancel the membership with LA fitness. One word to describe them, "thiefs"

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Beware of the LA Fitness Sales Mans. When I joined they charged me $150 non refundable initiation fee and offered a free personal training season.

That free season is nothing but a sales meeting, they have convinced me that how important is the personal training for me and signs me through a contract for 8 seasons per month with another $150 initiation fee, this time for personal training. When I told I don’t want to pay another initiation fee and don’t want a contract. They said they will give me free seasons worth more than $150 and also I can cancel the personal training contract any time and my unused sessions will be credited back. The personal training is good for me, but mostly I don’t get a trainer post office hours and some time they cancel the appointments just 1-2 hours before.

Also if you have a scheduled training appointment and trailer was not in and you thought to go and do some exercise by yourself, as you punch the card they charge you for the training session. Looks like a bug in their system. This way they charged me for 4 sessions, when I told them the same instead of credit it back they give me free session. I was not happy with the frequent cancelation of personal training sessions and asked to cancel it and now they told me you can’t cancel it.

If you want you have to pay half of all remaining sessions. This is not worth to cancel with this condition and so I continue. Later I moved to Oregon and there is no club within 50 miles, so I provided that clause and cancel my both membership. By contract I can do that, but at the time of cancelation, they revert back all free sessions including the 4 given 4 their system issue and charged me for all the sessions I used.

Also they delay the cancelation so that they can charge me for another extra month. I am surprised how they can charge me for a month when I don’t have any Gym to use nearby. Also how they can have one year contract personal training membership based on a month to month club membership. Ideally it should not be the case.

Again how same gym can charge to initiation fee for the same master membership. Forget about the fake chares for their system issue. I believe at least I should get back the personal training sessions they charged me for their system issue and one of the initiation fees.

But not sure how to do that, as those people are very bad. Please beware of them and read then contract several times before signing.


Was in Easton Pa la Fitness and they told me that they had never gotten my letter to cancel. Called and they FINALLY cleared things up.

They have a price for everyone. I was paying 35.00 a month and my friend whom joined the same time as me paid 25.00 a month.

Let's just say I wasn't very happy. I am no longer a member


If your membership is only good at one location, it is very likely that you paid a low initiation fee or none. The multi-club upgrade is only a one time payment and will give you access to use most clubs in the entire country..

If you want to put your membership on hold/freeze all you pay is $1O a month when you unfreeze you will pay for a pro-rated fee for the days of use before your next billing date.. Fitnes memberships are month to month and may cancel at anytime by simply mailing in a form. If you provide an e-mail address a confirmation will be sent to you as soon as it is received.. one word of advise..

Read your terms and conditions.. for only $30 to $35 a month I think is worth it!


The salesman who sold be my contract lied to me point blank about the wording in the contact. He explained each section to his own benefit and was FALSE in every way.

I am looking to file a class action lawsuit in Easton, PA. If anyone cares to join me please let me know!


LA Fitness try to steal people in every possible way. I moved to a different location and tried to access the facility that is closer (Highland,CA).

They said that I did not have multi club access and as such should $5 to access that gym.

I informed that a friend of mine who joined a week later on my recommendation has multi club for the same price. Eventually I decided not to pay the extra $5 for that particular day and bring this malpractice to everyone's notice.


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They have another scam when cancelling. If you do not cancel by certified mail they WILL NOT cancel your membership and continuously charge you until you do send it certified.

They will always state that they never received it and will bill you and refuse to cancel your service. I sent it by mail twice on two different occassion and got the same exact answer each time.


i got suckered into this and now i'll paying paying them more than $1000. i sent a complaint to BBB and cbsnews. i encourage to send their stories there too and maybe we can win over their misleading practices.