Bremerton, Washington
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I am a member of LA Fitness located at 35009 Enchanted Parkway South, Federal Way 98003 - telephone number: 253-838-5900. This business closed their pool on 5/1/08 due to unsafe water levels.

They reopened the pool on 5/5/08, even though the pool water problem still existed. They allowed lap swimming and over 25 people were in the water for the water aerobics class. The manager was aware of the water's condition prior to opening the pool on 5/5/08. I spoke with Lindsey Argo at the LA Corporation Office.

I told her of the health issues surrounding the people who were exposed to their pool. She offered to refund the days the pool was closed under the condition that she froze my account to only pool access. This is unacceptable. One person having a medical reaction to their pool could result in a huge lawsuit.

The unclean water of LA Fitness' pool exposed all swimmers to disease. I called LA Fitness the morning of 5/5/08 and was told by their representative that the pool’s water problem had been solved and that the pool was safe to use. It was not and LA Fitness knowingly allowed its members to swim in an unhealthy pool.

Additionally, I have a contract with LA Fitness where they take my money and I am suppose to have access to their pool. This is a contract violation.

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i am also pissed at LA fitness, because they make it almost impossible to cancel a membership. honestly i feel like a donkey being led through hoop after hoop just to get something done that would've taken about three minutes to do.... :(


You shouldn't use any gym pool anyway. They're always unhealthly