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At the Little Road, Arlington, Tx facility equipment maintenance is poor and staff attitudes are insulting. I reported a seat latch that was about to fail three times; after it finally failed, I reported that three times.

After three weeks of inaction I pitched a fit at the front desk in front of two prospective customers (who walked out the door). A replacement was finally ordered and the machine returned to service after three and a half weeks. Of the seven machines I routinely use, three have been in need of repair for at least a month. The men's sauna has been down for two weeks.

Staff response is always indifferent, uninformed, insulting or borderline rude. The ops manager today never apologized for the inconvenience and tried to lecture me about complaining. It is obvious from my experience and the other complaints I've read that these sort of problems are company-wide so they start at the top. I've been a "Gym rat" for about 40 years and have belonged to four other clubs at different times.

I am pretty tolerant of the occasional "oops", but LA Fitness has instutionalized poor service and poor value. I'm voting with my feet on this one.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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wow tasha?! you insult a man for reporting an issue that should have been addressed 3 weeks ago. :sigh


Well you were rude. You acted like a third grader.

You made a scene in front of two customers. I bet they left because they were afraid to work out with the seven year old trapped in an adult body more than anything. Not because of the damaged equipment. A gym rat for 40 years, why you don't act much older than a third grader.

Maybe once the potential custoers find out that the eight year old trapped in an adult body left the gym they will join. Most likely they walked out so they did not have to run into you when they worked out.