Rancho Palos Verdes, California
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This gym is totally disgusting and LA Fitness should be ashmed. The Equipment is Old and beat up, Smells and never gets repaired.

The cardio equipment is broke half the time and ragged. The staff only worries about hitting on every women who enters the facility, could care less about anything else. The mens locker room smells like Cheese and foot. They need to get rid of the Pools at all of the La Fitness.

When I complained they gave me a could care less look. Thats fine, I am taking my business elsewhere. This gym sucks, ashame because others in the area are clean and maintained and have great people.

Stay Away from this one. And BTW watch your girl with the wanna be trainers if she works out with you!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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Recently signed up here with 2 of my friends (we all got the same deal) the GM of the facility said he would save us each $100 since we went to school with one of his employees. All we had to do was pay $60 up front first and last month and the remaining balance of $99 the gym would take care of the rest.

2 month went and the normal monthly payment of 29.99 came out fine. Two days later after Febs billing cycle I was charged an extra $80 out of no where. When confront the GM Jason about the issue he says "Looks like you have multi-club access now" and started walking off. I clearly told him that I signed up about 2 months ago and told him what he originally said the time I came in and signed up with my buddy (Jason was standing right next to him watching since he was still new to the company).

Jason look at me and laughed and said oh no we don't do that I don't remember your going to have to talk to Bob about this (my buddy). Anyways to wrap this up Jason refuses to refund my card because he "doesn't remember" when he signed me and my 2 friends up that he was going to take care of the remaining balance.

He stated his computers won't allow him to refund any money and made my buddy Bob give me $80 out of his own pocket and told him he can get the money back through people coming in and buying day passes and other services. What a joke of a GM this guy needs to get the boot.