LA fitness in Wayne, Nj has had a serious roof leak problem for the last 2 months. It started with the basketball courts.

the leaks have caused the 2 full courts to be reduced to 2 half-courts and the spinning room is in and out of use due to serious flooding. the most recent problem is the WHOLE free weight section has been closed down.

Not only is this frustrating because of lack of accessibility but now all the members of the club are confined to the cardio and machine area which is causing overcrowding. I have personally witnessed 2 fights in the last 3 days over equipment.

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I have found these "no contract, $10 per month" gyms seem to be more trouble than they're worth. I was a member of one of these gyms and when it came time for me to leave, I got the worst runaround.

I ended paying for 6 months AFTER i moved and couldn't use the location. Call/mail management.

Talk with them at the facility. Let them know you are unhappy.


This place is a fkn joke, the head manager Louis is an aging guido who seems to think its more important to strut around with his designer clothing and chat with his friends as opposed to taking care of the place. On several occasion i saw employees, who shall remain nameless, trading what looked to be like illegal substances with members by the membership desks.

Upon signing up to the gym some ghetto training manager tried to sweet talk me into getting training saying that i could use some work. I have been working out for more than 10 years and am clearly in better shape than any employee there. A friend signed up for the training and was completely rail roaded mainly because her trainer was never there. Upon her cancellation of the training after 3 months she asked to work out with me, we were then confronted by the staff and accused of exchanging money for services.

I am not a hooker, im a hedge fund manager and its cute for them to think i need their bs money.

Ive worked out in gyms not nearly as new that were run better. Long story short its a *** place with an even shittier staff


Its a great gym, just need more hours for the janitors. The dude who cleans it in the AM is great, he always cleans.

Trouble is he goes home at 1 and the night guy doesn't come in till much later.

If you are open 18 hours, you need a janitor for 18 hours. The Main office or the franchisee should know this.


yea i used to work there until recently...this problem has been around for at least 2 years or so this jut seems to be the worst year and instead of the management taking initiative they just come in and *** all day....if anything they should get up on the roof themselves...place is going under withing a year or two and based upon their business model they made all of the money that they could possibly want over there. They bring in so much income during presale its sickening and as the club stays open they slowly reduce cleaning staff and start to skimp the clifton club isnt even open a year and they are facing similar problems


:( this situation is ridiculous!!! it is not fair that I have to pay and can't use the free weights...that is what I go there for.

GET IT FIXED already!!! So frustrating...and give me my $$ back for each day I have not been able to use the gym!

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