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I joined the gym along time ago before LA Fitness bought out Pure Fitness. When they did they closed the gym that was next to me and that demotivated me to go.

so I decided to cancel my membership there web site stated that I would have to send in a cancellation letter which I did two months pass and they are still charging me for there services. So I disputed the charges with my bank and got one of the charges dropped. Since then they have called me saying that if I don't pay they are going to send the charges to collections. I've told them what is going on there response was "did you send the letter certified mail?" no where dose it say to send it certified and the other thing they said was to come into the gym and cancel.

So I went into the gym on a Saturday to talk to the only person who is able to cancel the accounts and he/she only works Monday-Friday 9-5 .... I work Monday - Friday 9-5 about 30 to 45 minutes away from my house. Now to cancel in person I have to miss work and go down and deal with this. They state that they cannot cancel over the phone because they need to verify who you are but correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a phone call basically the same as sending a letter in the mail?

Anyone could fill out that letter and send it and anyone could call and cancel so whats the difference.

ALSO The same place I would have to go to cancel I've had a few friends that also had memberships go there to cancel and the person told them to send a letter in. If I miss work to deal with this and hear i have to send a letter I will move way beyond pissed.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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I had a membership with LA Fitness in Houston - I moved out of state and cancelled my membership on line. I was given a last date I could use the club which to me seemed to confirm all was done.

That date was 9/23/2012 a month I would not even live in the state but I accepted the one month notice (I left TX on Aug 1). They continue to bill my cc and state now you can't cancel over the internet - as though I made that up and I was dreaming that I went through the motions.

I have since called my bank who will stop future transactions but consumers be aware, this is a business who thrives on auto deductions and hope you won't find out they continue to bill you long after you have quit. Its' a very unprofessional practice and do a search on google and you too will see how many members they continue to hold hostage due to a club they don't belong.