Orlando, Florida

I signed up for a whole year contract for personal training (120.00 a month). About 6 months in my family bought a house and i moved. Even though i am too far to continue use of the gym i signed up for, i continued to pay for the contract, i knew what i signed up for and i did not want to get slammed with breaking contract. My contract was up in march and the cancellation needed to be sent in to corporate by march 6th and processed. after i paid for the full year, with no late or missing payments (for a gym i did not even use) i was finally free from the contract. I sent the cancellation in certified a week early, just to be safe.

Well, they ended up charging me the next two months anyway. When i was pissed enough to bring it up with customer service, they claimed i never cancelled. . . so i brought in the SIGNED proof. they actually apologized and said my last two months would be refunded. well, its been a month and i have not seen my money, and if i do not get it tomorrow i think i might have to take this higher.

Why is it so hard for me to get my money back when they admit that it was their screw up in the first place and should have never been taken?!

Monetary Loss: $240.

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