Chandler, Arizona

I was manipulated, lied to and have to pay $815 to get this company out of my Wells Fargo accounts! BEWARE!!

I was looking for a personal trainer to help with recovering from an injury. While signing up for training I was told the sessions were an hour long, the trainers were great and if I ever needed to cancel due to injury or choice I would "just have to fill out some forms." I was never shown a contract. The sales *manager* told me to get my stuff from the locker room and it would be ready when I came out. When I was leaving he told me that **HE** had signed **MY** initials in a few places and I was ready to go. He handed me some papers and I walked out. Shame on me for trust a companies integrity....

Turns out training sessions were only half hours, the trainer didn't care about my injury concerns and insisted I lift heavy (despite a spine injury) and talked about smoking pot while training me.

Of course I tried to cancel. This was when I was told I signed a binding two year contract for $2400?!?

I requested to speak with the operations manager. This gentleman told me that, despite their bait and switch tactics, I didn't have any options without breaking the law. My only options were to buy out at 50%, prove I was medically 100% disabled or break the law by wrongfully changing my address. (Which, could lead to 5 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine!) I'm a working young woman who played college basketball. I have a bachelors degree, a perfect credit score and a perfect *lack of* a criminal record. So NO, I will NOT falsify a change of address form and commit fraud like this company already has toward me. And NO even though I'm injured, I will not fraudulently claim to be 100% disabled. So that left me with the 50% buyout...

So, this operations manager suggested I cancel my card and it would go to internal collections and not report to my credit report. I tried this. BEWARE!! I cancelled my Wells Fargo credit card and opened a new account. LA Fitness continued to withdraw my funds. A Wells Fargo fraud agent informed me that LA's "contracts" allow this because it's an LLC and considered subscription payments. Basically, LA Fitness can tap into your credit card, checking or savings accounts to take what money they want without my permission!!! That Wells rep also informed me that they definitely will sell it to a third party collections and report it to rhe Bureaus as well. So now I'm backed into a corner!!

Not only is Wells Fargo fighting this for me, but I'm filing a full report with the AZ Sec of State. A few investigative reporters might be showing up at their Chandler location as well. Every person who will listen will know how horrible this gym really is. I would happily take this to civil court. Especially considering their sales rep forged my signature.

I hope other athletes see this before they're victim to LA Fitness's LYING, MANIPULATION and UNPROFESSIONALISM!!


Email me directly if anyone wants more details. I would be HAPPY to elaborate for you.

Kristin O'Toole

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Monetary Loss: $815.

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i have a similar problem. We need to unite and file a lawsuit


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