Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Customer Service is what it is all about; however, when I tried to reach the corporate office - I just couldn't! I think our local staff in Lancaster, PA does what they can and in fact, they do a good job, but I realize as other members do that corporate should be responsive.

It appears since I joined that budgets have been cut as the cleanliness isn't what it use to be and equipment needs attention - especially the spin bikes and bathrooms!

Very disappointing that whoever owns this isn't concerned about the customer. Probably owned by a foreign country!

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I would like to share about my personal experience, which I believe pertains to an ethical issue. I have been a member of LA Fitness since year 2001 and had nothing but staunchness to the health club.

I added my sons for membership in two separate times when they showed interest in becoming a fitness enthusiast, set up automatic payments as fulfilled in the past with my membership... later discover that LA Fitness has been processing automatic withdrawals from my account for one of my sons' membership fee twice a month since September 01, 2011. I realize LA FITNESS is a large company so how can this happen?I had contacted the customer service and accounts manager, hoping to achieve fairness. I cannot begin to express how it feels.

It feels like I was cheated and our patronage neglected. It had caused me a heartache and left me with a sense of ill because I had put my faith in a company, which does not show it has actually trained its employees to see to it that the automatic payments are done rightfully. LA FITNESS has been very quick in processing payments, which understandably creates profit, but first and foremost, the company had failed to train their employees of doing a simple task of processing automatic payments correctly; thus in fact relies on the member's tactfulness or responsibility to see to it that their employees had actually set up the ACH or automatic payments correctly.

It is heart breaking to listen to an employee saying "Well, it IS and WAS your responsibility to check if the automatic payment is taken out of your accounts correctly"...it does not matter if you had been our client for over twelve years.... LA FITNESS would only refund six months out of two years of the charges it has been taken from me erroneously.

I believe this is just so wrong! Do the right thing, LA Fitness! Return the money that does not belong to you, regardless of who made the mistake (which obviously you would never admit)! You would not want your family or loved ones going through the same terrible experience!

Without any regard to the amount of money you have, you probably do not even have the time to waste on little issues like mine! I do not want to sound irrational but it feels like I was cheated and violated.

I want to to keep my faith in justice and fairness. Was it wrong for me to believe that this company should do the right thing, considering my relationship with them for over twelve years?


Owners are Louis and Michu Welch, and Chinyol Yi. They live in Laguna Beach in 20 million dollar+ homes. It might as well be a foreign country based on how they run their company.