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They say it not a CONTRACT but an AGREEMENT, but that's just their term for CONTRACT!

On 03/31/08, I signed an agreement with Joe T. for LAFITNESS for personal training. I had said that I do not want to be in any contracts and that's why I'm not interested in Bally's. He said it is NOT a contract but a agreement and that you can cancel it anytime. I spoke with a late 20's white male (wearing white polo shirt)on 06/25/08 and told him I need to cancel. He asked for my information and typed somethings on the computer and said, "it has been cancelled and you won't be billed anymore." I found on 7/28/08 and 8/28/08, I was billed once more. On 9/1/08, I spoke with Tamara and Jimmy from Alsip,IL location, Kellyn from Corporate, and Joe T from the Lansing, IL location and they said it will be cancelled when 1 year is up. They said the only terms to cancel the agreement was 1.) have a note from doctor saying that you can't ever work out in your life 2.) find someone (friend or family) to transfer your contract to 3.) pay 50% of the remaining of your contract. I looked the checklist provided on day 1 and it said " i may voluntarily cancel my agreement at anytime during the initial term by providing written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to my next scheduled payment and paying a termination fee equal to 50% of my remaining balance at the time of notice." I'm paying $320/mo so I thought I would only pay $160 for 50%, but they meant 50% of the entire remaining contract. This was not clear and explained correctly to me initially. My father was there at the time of signing and he understood it the same way. They're saying it's not a contract but an agreement. But there are only 3 reasons which you can get out of the agreement which was not clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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Do you people not read documents before you sign them. I find it funny that you are so willing to blame LA Fitness when you should be blaming yourself. Maybe next time you decide to sign an agreement/contract you will read it!!!


I am going through exact same thing right now and I can't tell you how frustrated I am. There is another way....if you move and there is no club within 25 miles of your new address.

I AM actually moving back with my parents and there is no club. However, they make you jump through a million hoops. I've been told that a new licence with a new address is not really a "valid" proof of address since "anyone can change their licence"!

Well, since I am moving back with my parents, I will not have any utility bills in my name! I'm trying to work through everything and it's terrible.

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