I signed up for personal training two days after I signed up for my membership. I was thrilled that there was a complimentary fitness assessment - I figured a personal trainer would tell me exactly what I needed to help me in my goals and I could be on my way.

Not only did I almost pass out during my assessment, but I was basically told I NEEDED personal training. So, naturally, I discussed my options. Upon reviewing the training contract, I was told that the initiation fee (a little over $100) would allow me to cancel at any time. The $200 per month seemed a little steep for me, but I was consoled by the fact that I would be improving myself and could cancel at any time should I need to.

I went to my first two sessions and was overly disappointed. My personal trainer certainly knew what she was doing. However, I felt like a customer. Like I purchased a product and wasn't actually a human being.

If I asked any questions outside of exactly what we were doing I was shut down. How do I use this machine? That didn't matter because that was not what we were doing. And heaven forbid we went half a second beyond the 30 minute session.

If I only had one rep left I would be told not to do it because I only paid for half an hour. Not only that, but all of the employees' desks were right by the training area. I am a female, and all of the males watched me like dogs drooling over a steak. The last thing I want when I am sweating my butt off working hard to better myself is to be made to feel like some sort of entertainment for people who are getting PAID to sit there and watch me.

Well, after that second session, my work changed and I was working twice the hours on what was now straight commission. Even if I could find time to go to the gym, who even knew I could make enough money to pay for it? I called the club to find out exactly how to cancel my membership and training. I was told to print out a cancellation form and mail it to their corporate office.

I did so and received a confirmation email a few days later. Cool, it was over, right? WRONG. A week later that $200 was taken out of my account.

I sent an email and was told it would be taken care of right away. Later, I received an email from a different person. Then a phone call from another different person. About ten phone calls, ten emails, and several people later, I was told that the contract states it is a twelve month contract that cannot be terminated.

There is a 50% buyout, where I would pay half of the remaining contract (at this time it was $1000). Please tell me, if I don't have $200 to pay that month, how in the *** am I supposed to front $1000 for a service I don't want and could no longer even use because I had canceled it? Had I known this was the case, I wouldn't have signed anything in the first place. When I asked to see the contract I was originally signing, I was told the gentleman would explain it in full and then I could sign it.

Silly me, right? The only stipulation I was informed of was the initiation fee. Of course when I spoke with management, I did get a little riled. I wasn't trying to be a ***, but I was blatantly LIED TO.

The people I spoke with were extremely rude to me and not at all forgiving. They got their money, to *** with one unhappy customer.

At this point I am stuck with paying the monthly payment and this *** hole of a company wins. Fair warning to all those whoa re looking for a gym - DO NOT GO TO LA FITNESS.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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