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Contract was misrepresented by the two reps at the club and they blatantly lied about the details of the training contract. I have been a member for over 40 years with this club (now Lifetime Fitness) and have used the Skokie, Illinois area clubs for 25 years.

I was hustled in to a personal training contract by two reps - "Tower" (Tauer? (sp)) and his manager -- when I resisted and told him I was recently retired and on a fixed income, could not afford personal training, Tower told me it would be "only $90 month" and when I said, "well, can I try it for just a month?" he readily assured me I could cancel at any time.

When it appeared that I might be weakening, he called in his manager, and suddenly presented me with the fact that it would really cost $225 or thereabouts - not $90 as he said, for the initial start-up, and though I freaked out a bit, I finally said, well, okay, but "I can cancel at any time, correct?" They reassured me that I could and presented me with a contract to sign, which I unfortunately trusted them and was embarrassed, and did not read the fine print in front of them.

The bottom line is, the corporate office is charging me every month now and will not cancel this contract until 2013 -- my irate call to the corporate office got me nowhere -- it's my word against theirs. I told the corp office that they blatantly and fraudulently misrepresented this "deal." I am outraged and I have no recourse -- other than to feel I was cheated, robbed and lied to.

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your next recourse is to stop payment at the bank and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission; seek out an attorney and file a class action lawsuit against LA fitness. They did me the same way.