Bolingbrook, Illinois
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My locked locker was broken into and my wallet stolen. When I went to the desk to report the theft the teen girl behind the counter said she "didn't understand how that can happen" and suggested that I must have given out my combination to someone. Or just forgot what locker I used. Her whole attitude was that I must have lost my purse. At that moment I got a text from the bank that someone was using my credit card. I showed her and only then did she call the manager. His response? "I guess we should call the police."

Really? Ya think? They were all insensitive incompetent fools who saw nothing in my predicament except extra paperwork for them. Not once did they apologize or offer any sympathy, even when they saw I was hysterical. The bubbleheaded girl was the worst. At one point she giggled and said "at least they didn't take your phone!"

This is the Bolingbrook IL location. Corporate HQ are getting a call tomorrow.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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That is hilarious! At least somebody did not steal your precious phone! Hahahaha!