Hayward, California

Nice GYM but I had a pretty significant issue get swept under the rug last year. Sometimes they will have members of the opposite sex come in and clean the locker rooms. I was told they made an announcement over the loudspeakers but there are no loudspeakers in the pool area and there was no signs. You sure can't hear anything underwater. After walking out of the shower the cleaning person kept right on mopping the floor. I asked them to leave but they didn't speak English. I told them again to leave but they would not. This went on for 3 -5 min. I'm standing there with a towel around me and feeling a wide variety of thoughts. They just kept mopping and saying sorry. The management called me the next day, they told me they subcontracted out help and that was their corporate policy. Also they used the fact the cleaner spoke no english as an excuse. So not even an apology. I think management's brush off astonished me more than me telling a member of the opposite sex to get out.

So here is what you need to know. It's a good gym. Most of the time they were friendly and clean. However, on occasion, sometimes members of the opposite sex will come in and mop. If that angers you, or you feel like something is wrong with this policy-well that's because use contractors. No I don't think they use non english speaking contractors to enhance your fitness goals or customer satisfaction. I think they do it to save a buck. Yet to be fair, that's my speculation.

I workout at another LA Fitness and have taken it upon myself to learn "Get *** out" in Spanish. I have had no such incidents since then.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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