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The loud, sexually-explicit rap music played at LA Fitness, Duncanville, Texas, makes me dread going to work out. I have spoken to the manager, but he says he has no control over it! Many other members feel the same way, but what can we do?

The music vibrates your brain and is annoying and distracting. Aren't you supposed to concentrate on your movements when you are doing weight training?

In the dressing room, you are trying to get changed and out of there as quickly as possible. There is no relaxation or enjoyment! After you work out, you are tired. There should be some little bit of relaxation.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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Yes, LA Fitness obviously doesn't care about customer feedback because they continue to play the music in their facilities too loud! I've spoken with the manager and several employees numerous times and the manager says he doesn't know how to adjust the volume.

What kind of business manager doesn't know how to control the environment in his own facility?

All of the employees just shrug their shoulders and offer no assistance when I've asked about the volume of the music. It's ridiculous!


I visited the facility and I LOVED I :grin T!


I have also found the hip hop or whatever its called these days very annoying & offensive. why put up with this sub par music from unlearned individuals lacking in a music bacground? as with everything else in Hollywood, they just glorify the wrong thing


Go to the south grand prairie location. Its night and day different.

When ballys closed up, la fitness honored there membership, the duncanville gym was a decent place until the fall of 2011 and now its overcrowded. Black management for the greater good of black people.

They think they are somebody but its just another chain big box gym. The music schedule is very different at South Grand Prairie.


I have been going every since they built it and there has not been any vulgar music rap music and a management has always been white and sounds like you are there for the music instead of there to workout


Of course people go for the music. Music is what help you motivate to work out-the right kind of music, that is.

However, she is wrong in believing that nothing can be done. She can interview others and see if anyone else is bothered by it-I'm sure there is. Then they can make a group complaint, or even on her own, but better in numbers, but I believe that can constitute a sexually hostile environment, if they don't either change the music or give her unused portion of her money back. If I had the money, I would open my own gym for people like us, that don't want, and should not, be forced to hear that.

Not everyone wants to work out with uncomfortable earplugs in that can fall out, or headphones that might not even stay on.

All these places say they care about customers, but their actions appear to say otherwise. I doubt the owners of most places even read these things half the time.


Seriously-who in their right mind relies on the gym to provide them with music to listen to? I honestly don't know a single person who does. Why would you even want to?!


You can't be serious? Too many Blacks? You should be ashamed of yourselves, especially since we live in the south you'd think you'd be more sensitive to this issue.

As for the complaints posted on here- you have got to be kidding...CNN is controversial? Give me a break it's called liberal. I prefer FOX too but, is it that really a big deal?

Ethnic specific music? Really? I've never heard Eastern Indian or Egyptian music on a top 40 station...that's what ethnic specific music is. As far as rap music...if you consider Black eye peas and Britney Spears rap then yes, they do play it.

I am taking this with a grain of salt as the authors of these posts are probably 60+ years old. Get it together.


As a personal trainer for LA Fitness, I can back up ther manager here. LA fitness head office have a music channel that must be played in every club.

The manager of one gym cannot affect this, its the choice of head office and the manager would get in trouble from his superiors for breaking rules and not having the channel on. If the music is that much of an issue, push yourself harder so you don't notice it or just bring your own ipod and earphones.


No customer, who's paying their hard earned money, should have to be subjected to loud music while they're working out (it's even louder in the locker room). LA Fitness needs to change their policy on the music if each individual manager cannot try to work with the customers that come to his/her facility.

The manager is supposed to be sensitive to the customers' concerns and respond to reasonable complaints.

I don't expect the manager to try to play the type of music that only I like to listen to, but I would like for the music to be played at a volume that doesn't force me to play my personal music so loudly that it damages my hearing. "Bringing your own ipod and earphones" isn't enough to drown out the VERY loud music played at LA Fitness, and shame on you for not being more understanding of the customers' comfort.


How does lorraineindallas get her workout done with the white hood still on? Can you get any more racist?


too many blacks in that gym always trying to hit on women and trying to sit on workout equipment and not even using the equipment. blacks think they run the gym but all they doing is running their mouths instead of working out.


I mean if you're going to let Top 40 music - which is what this person is complaining about - distract you from a workout, you're not really that into exercising. Duncanville plays nothing different than every other chain gym. Get over it and concentrate on what you're doing.


It's best to close your membership and go elsewhere. There are other gyms in Duncanville.

If the membership drops enough, or too much, they will get civil with the sound system. The manager saying he could do nothing about it is pulling your leg. Of course he can !

All you guys here saying its whining grew up on this jungle noise, so your opinion isn't sane anyway. Ordinary people don't function under this outrageous loud stuff


Do not get the car music you hear on the outside mixed up with the music they play on the inside. I would be the first one up front to demand the music to be changed.

I've been there since the gym opened and have never heard music like that. As a member you have the right to exercise without being offended. Maybe the pop or top 40 they play is not your speed. If so, Ipods are pretty cheap and believe me I have two and a zune.

I don't rely on la fitness to provide my choice of music just like i wouldn't rely on them to choose my tv shows or books.

Be the captain of your ship and take ownership of your workout. If you are serious about it, you will.


Music actually qets the body pumpd up duncanville is a qreat gym and the music isn't even loud I say you just need to stop cryinq and being a wimp


LA Fitness in Duncanville is the best gym I have been to. They play the same music at all LA Fitness and it's a mix of top 40 type songs.

I haven't ever heard rap there. Stop the crying and lying.


As of March 7th, 2011, the Frisco LA Fitness was blasting rap and ethnic specific music All evening. The other day they had a rap DJ blasting rap.

They also removed Fox News from normal broadcast and replaced it with the controversial CNN.


I have the same complaint about many LA Fitness locations.

They play the overhead music so loud it can't be drowned out even with your own MP3 player and earphones.

When it is that loud, it is obviously too loud.

Not to mention it is that repetitive mind numbing techno dance bass beat music that it highly irritating and distracting.

Hey wake up and pay attention LA Fitness ......... you are a gym -- not a night club or dance club !

Like dozens others in my area, we are quitting LA Fitness also and going to a real gym where the music may be a subtle non-obtrusive background thing ---- and the real "music" of the gym is instead the clank of weights.


:grin i thought it was ok not bad quit whinning people if you dont like go somewhere else