I've been a faithfully paying member for 7 years now and recently tried to renegotiate my monthly dues because of recession issues.

The manager, Jerry something-or-other, preferred to lose my membership & the ENTIRE $29 mo.

fee rather than cut my dues by $10 a month (LA Fitness would still collect $19. mo.). He was in typical saleman mode when he told me he couldn't believe I got such a good rate & that I should be happy that I already pay less than everybody else! Meanwhile, I know of other members who pay $22.

a month.

Needless to say, I'll be attempting to cancel my membership & I hope I don't have the same issues as everybody else!!!

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In Stamford Ct.the monthly fee is 34.99 a month plus tax.

If you currently pay $29.00 a month you were getting a very good deal.

Anyone who pays 22.00 a month is getting a steal!

Dont be an oinker.Be thankful you had a such a good deal for so long


If you feel the value isnt there in return for your $29 then so be it .... leave

The company is under no obligation to negotiate with you.

Go to a less expensive Gym more suitable to your situation --- you clearly do not represent their desired customer profile


Planet Fitness in Connecticut charges $10 dollars per month with only a $49 dollar initiation fee.They have a lot of equipment, open 7 days a week, Monday - Thursday open 24 hours a day, Friday open 5 am to 9 pm and Sat.

and Sunday open 7 am to 7 pm.

The staff are very friendly and the clients for the most part are respectful.You have to admit, that is hard to beat.


Just to let you know a little about selling 101, maybe you missed that class, rule #1 the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT !Rule #2 refer to rule #1 !

Costco is selling a 2 year membership all club sport for 24 hr. fitness for 299.00, thats 12.45 a month Ops ! I guess there is a better deal out there. Ask about coupons for half off initiation dues and lower monthly dues at LA fitness, Ops !

Another good deal. A manger today offered me half off 350 initiation and 19.95 a month. Ops ! Another better deal.

If your getting ripped off in this economy you have no one to blame but yourself !!!Happy hunting !!


...if you think you're going to find anything lower.You have to be realistic about this.

It's one thing if you were asking to drop it to $25 or something---but $19 a month???!!!

That's crazy!And also think about it...if LA Fitness lets you renegotiate then they have to let everyone do it.

You should really consider keeping your account...you wont find any cheaper.


I joined LA Fitness last year and pay $50 a month. Only place now a days you can get for $20 a month is Bally's and it's really ghetto. Think it through, if you cancel, you won't be able to get back in again at that same great rate!


Read your agreement.There is no re-negotiation mentioned in your agreement.

Current rates are higher than you are paying, so you are lucky. The company should survive somehow without your dues.

Good luck finding a gym for $19/mo.that wont fold within 2 years.

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