Louisville, Kentucky

This place is a JOKE! We cancelled our membership due to moving away, we had been members for 2 years and our contract (12 months) was more than up.

We were told how to cancelle a million diffrent ways. We first called the gym, then were told we must go into the gym. So we did. We went into the gym and then we were told we could not cancelle there, that we had to mail in a form.

We correctly filled out the for and sent it in. I assumed we would be charged for another month, due to mailing and processing time, fine. However, over a year later we are still being charged. Finally after multiple calls and rants to customer service, they finally said we are cancelled.

We will see! No refund on the previous months. When I asked to speak to someone above the man on the phone, he says hes as high up as it goes. Really....I have never been able to call a customer service number and speak directly with the higher authority.

Then he proceeds to tell me that it's because LA Fitness bought out another gym and have no records. Smart investors to buy a company with no records. Over all LA Fitness is a really low standard gym (we joined only because it was the one close to home), but they rip people off to make a little more money. I suggest NO ONE EVER signs a contract with them.

Look for another gym!

Even pay a little more if you have to, because in the long run they are going to make you pay way more!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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