Los Angeles, California

I recently moved to the mid wilshire area of Los Angles, and wanted to try out the L.A fitness near by. I have never been so harassed about joining a gym right there and now.

I come from a sales background so I understand it to some degree. But this was something out of a used car lot. I got their 45 mins before closing, and the whole time I was at the salesperson desk insisting if I didn't sign now I my the deal would be off. Which I said fine, and every time I walked up he insisted in lowering the price.

Long story, the gym was closing and I finally had enough. The general manager, offer me a 1 week pass, I told him even if they charged me $5 dollars a month I still wouldn't join a gym for this type of harassment.

You get a FREE PASS to use the gym, not to be harassed by a bunch of low life idiots for 45 mins. I never worked out and my night was ruin, unreal.

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They pulled the same high-pressure BS on me. They literally were holding my DRIVERS LICENSE hostage.

They would NOT give me my license back, until I signed their agreement. They are BRUTAL SHARKS who never give up. I would NEVER belong at a fitness center that treats people in such a manner.

LA Fitness employees are TRAINED TO HARASS the customers. What a pathetic company.


Actually, FYI, for YOUR information, my friend an I are looking into joining gyms and looking into free passes so that we may try a gym, or many for that matter, without breaking the bank. The harassment only drives away those of us who want a taste to see if we like it. Check yourself.


I did join this gym, but made the mistake of taking them up on the free personal trainer session. The whole thing is an extravagant sales ploy.

It was ridiculous and the manager was the worst. He was looking at me like I was the stupidest *** he has ever seen just because I wanted to go home and talk to my husband before making a decision.

My husband works and I do not, so I think thats only fair. I left seriously pissed and not really looking forward to going back, hope the manager isn't there when I do.


Same thing happened to me. I printed a guest pass and listend to the presentation.

When I refused to make a decision right there, I was told I could not work out for free and that LA Fitness is a business. Seems like it is either purchase or leave.


:roll Nothing worse than justifying greed with the benefits it has for other people. Sure everyone has to make a living but come on...


Yea, LA Fitness is pretty bad with the harassing. I know from experience and if you do join, its a pain in the *** to cancel your membership.


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Anyone who walks into a gym wanting a free pass is someone who has no intention of joining anytime soon and the reason why they try and put pressure on you to join is because without that pressure, people will never make the decision (which could potentially be life changing for some people)