Los Angeles, California
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Pasadena LA Fitness Manager, Bonaventure, is sorely lacking in professionalism, customer service skills and basic competence. I have observed him on several occasions making aggressive sexual remarks and unwelcome physical advances towards female members.

Many members--male and female--have commented that he creates an "uncomfortable and hostile gym experience" and demonstrates an appalling lack of maturity and respect for patrons. In fact, I was told by an LA Fitness employee that he is surprised Bonaventure has not been fired.

In addition to making inappropriate sexual remarks towards female members, Bonaventure makes threatening remarks towards patrons. I was using a balance ball during my workout and he said "I better not use it in a certain location or else you see what will happen!" I told him that, as a paying customer, I will workout where I please.

I also reminded him that he needs to work on engaging customers in a more professional and courteous manner. Bonaventure appears painfully unaware that his hostile behavior and threatening remarks can be grounds for public complaints with the city of Pasadena, the Better Business Bureau and legal charges against LA Fitness.

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