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Myself and 2 of my coworkers went in to get a membership at LA fitness, I thought they would be happy to get the business. Instead we were treated so rudely by to desk worker and the "manager".

From threatening me to charge $15 unless I get a membership today. So I said ok I will get the membership. Now every time I go in they try and charge me $5 per visit, on top of that I'm already paying $30 a month (Including the last month, I have already paid). So after I signed for the membership and gave her my credit card she could not get me a receipt because the system was down.

Also there was no manager I could contact about it because she is the manager, she says.

Terrible service omg I didn't need this in my life. Now I have a meeting with the operations manager and I just pray she will give me a legit membership, and hopefully a receipt.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I am following up on my complaint now that it has been 2 months. I have realized it is not LA Fitness who wronged me, it was just a bad employee they hired.

Even after the whole confrontation she continued to try and mess with my account. I had to call LA Fitness to get the account fixed to where I was on the right membership (So I didn't get charged $5 per visit). They still have this woman working for them.

Whenever I visit the gym I just avoid eye contact with her. Women on power trips need a firm *** in their mouth.


Is her name Annie