Atlanta, Georgia
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I'm extremely pissed off. This was my first gym membership, I have no complaints about the gym or the price for the gym membership and i have an huge complaint about the personal trainer option.

After the first "free" personal trainer session me and an friend was told by the sales guy the price for joining the pt program and it told us about an 6 month training option, without mentioning any type of commitment or term agreements. He told me the price per month and the "down payment amount". I said sure and we talked about testing it out for a couple sessions and then if we like cancelling the trainer, he agreed that it was an good idea, still not mentioning term agreements or the fact it was actually for 12 months not six. So i leave to go to the lockers to retrieve my Debit card, when i returned he took down my card information and said thanks.

Unbeknownst to me, during my trip to the lockers to retrieve my card, this guy allowed someone else to sign the contract! I didn't know until i received an email with an one page contract attached with someone Else's signature and no initials next to where the terms agreement is suppose to be listed, of course it didn't list that i would be charged for 12 months. I never seen an contract before the billing started and the contract was emailed to me. I with the steps to cancel the contract and received an email stating that I'm committed for 12 months of over 200 bucks a month.

I'm confused and very very upset that a large well known company would be allowed to stay in business, well ripping people off this way. I filed an BBB complaint weeks ago, now they're up to over an thousand dollars in unused PT charges from my bank account. I'm trying to handle this in a professional way but it seems I'll have to make some calls to a law firm and files a complaint with the courts.

More money out of my pocket, for an contract i never signed!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Monetary Loss: $1010.

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