I signed up for personal training and was told it would be 52 weeks, I said okay, but what I wasn't told was that after 52 weeks, they renew you to a month to month membership AUTOMATICALLY and no, they won't notify you when your year is up, you have to track it on your own! Oh and after 72 hours of signing (by signing I mean signing like you thought you were just authorizing your credit card but you are really signing the contract) you cannot get out of the contract (the sales guy will tell you, you can get out of it with a doctors note but he won't tell you that, even if you try, they will still charge you for the full year!).

BUT like I said, I stuck it out for the year and thought my year was up next month, NOPE, my year ended in October and I was never notified, I found a phone number 949-255-7200 and cancelled right away over the phone and was immediately sent a confirmation email. I am hoping that's the end of that, I was very polite and nice with the operator, hope that helped.

READ THE WHOLE CONTRACT BEFORE SIGNING. OH and for the regular gym membership, pay a whole year upfront, that way they are not authorized for automatic charges and you decide if you want to renew, its not automatic.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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