Moreno Valley, California
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i have been to many different la fitness gyms over the last several years, and have seen many different techniques for "assessing" or training of clients. none were so bad or potentially harmful as the techniques used in moreno valley, california.

the trainers use steps from the aerobics program and stack them 4 or 5 high and have people step up and down. the advantage to the tranier is that they can text their buddies, or check out other people while their client is "working". unfortunately, this is not a legitimate exercise as it places a tremendous stress on the leg muscles and even a well conditioned person wouldn't last very long. and that's why they do it...they want the person to think they are not in shape.

after doing this for a couple of minutes, the trainer then checks their heart rate using a pulse check, which is also a joke. it takes several minutes for heart rate to stabilize, and it isn't going to stabilize after a couple of minutes of muscle stressing exercise. and not only that, but following an exercise, the heart rate is steadily declining, so it is simply not possible to get an accurate reading - and what possible reason they have for checking the heart rate is beyond me. heart rate is used to measure cardio activity, not muscle stressors.

the gym is filled with "kid trainers", persons with essentially no training, and they work in a gym where many of their clients are obese, and looking for a change of lifestyle. what the clients receive are nothing but a bunch of pool hall hustlers who have no idea how to serve their needs, and see the people as nothing more than objects.

this has been going on for some time, and obviously is not limited to Moreno Valley. I really hope that sometime in the near future the legislative decides it is finally time to regulate the fitness care industry and get rid of the ex-cons, hustlters, and uneducated kids that are so common within LA Fitness.

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i watched a woman the other day outside the training desk doing jumping jacks - the same thing we did back in elementary school. i asked her if she paid to have a trainer tell her that she needed to do jumping jacks. ever see anyone else at the gym doing jumping jacks?


I was one of the clients at Moreno Valley. What a joke.

I got sick of having the trainers put their hands on me so they could show me "proper technique". I would look around the gym and never anyone doing the things they were asking me to do.

I could never get a straight as to their qualifications, or what a long term program would look like. Don't waste your money or fall for their pitch.