Ledyard, Connecticut

I joined LA Fitness in March 2009. Used aerobic and anerobic equipment and enjoyed pickup basketball games.

Wasn't completely happy with the Newington, CT facility but enjoyed the hoop games. Things have started to unravel over the past week and I'm cancelling my membership today. This past Sunday, towel rack and water dispenser was empty. I reminded front desk.

Took them 30 minutes to fill each. Trainers (many of them) just walk around not noticing these things and consider them not part of their responsibilities. Poor Service. Treadmill was broken last light.

As I used an eliptical trainer, 15 women attempted to use the broken treadmill over a period of 20 minutes. Each would approach the treadmill, put their possessions down (towel, etc) and then realize that the machine was broken. All LA Fitness had to do was put a sign up to avoid this inconvenience to its members. Trainers walked by the machine numerous times, not observing the need to perform this simple task.

Tried to get into a basketball game-took over 1 hour. Staff failed to put up a signup sheet as they have done in the past-there were over 25 basketball players attempting to participate and there was chaos. To top things off, I decided to head home after a shower and found my lock pried off my locker and my clothes on the floor-nothing stolen (ipod, leather jacket-I never bring valuables in)since whoever was doing this must have been disrupted-the locker room was extremely crowded. I brought the issue to the attention of the manager-he listened but said "it happens every place"-not a good response for a manager and he never asked my name-poor management material; poor service!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't recommend this organization to anyone; it's unsafe, staff if poorly trained and its all about the $. I'm 57 years old and have been a member of many clubs and "it dosn't happen every place"!!!!! They let everyone into the Newington facility-you don't know who you are participating with at this facility-dangerous; unsafe; poorly managed; poorly trained staff.

Not worth $40 per month when many facilities offer $10 per month programs.

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They defrauded me to join their personal training program. They promised that I can cancel at any time without any penalty.

However, it turns out it was so hard to cancel the membership.

Be careful when you join it!


I totally agree LA Fitness has appalling service, they truly do not care about their customers and the sales staff are worse than estate agents!

I have left and am now enjoying sport at a new sports and social club called 'Come Play Sport' which is much more fun!