Athens, Georgia

I have been a member of LA Fitness for over 15 years and have enjoyed the Water Aerobics classes which offer less joint stress. Unfortunately, an instructor, Savanah, has taken over one of 5 classes offered and she is totally unprepared and lacks ideas, sequencing, etc.

In attempting to follow her "work-outs", my heart rate is rarely elevated and she does a 45-50 minute class vs. 60 min. The aerobics director at the club (LA Fitness-Vinings) appears to be a personal friend of hers and will not listen to the many unsatisfied participants who have complained.


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Although the classes are 50 minutes the point here seems to be missed. The instructor should listen to the participants and try to adjust accordingly, after all LA Fitness is a client based business. I understand that you can't please everyone but at the same time as an LA Fitness water instructor myself, if there aren't bodies in the pool to take your class, you won't have a job very long.


Just an fyi to the missed consumer about the aqua fitness class/instructor you don't like. The aqua classes are not supposed to be 60 minutes leg.

They are supposed to be 50 minutes ling. This includes the warm-up and cool down. So she is not wrong on this aspect of the class. Also - L.A.

Fitness has trainings for the instructors. The instructors are supposed to teach their class according to the guidelines in the l.a.

fitness trainings. It is likely that the instructor was teaching her classes according to the guidelines, but you just thought she was boring or did not have any either ideas, when she was lately doing her job as she is instructed.


I teach aqua at LaFitness and the aqua classes are 50m total. All other classes are 55m.

The instructor was correct.

If you don't like an instructors style you don't have to take their class. That's what there are several to choose from.


Wow...just wanted to see how the gym politics everywhere! lmao