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I just want to complain about LA Fitness and my first time experience. Especially after reading all of the horrible reviews about this company!

My friend has a membership in witch she is aloud to bring guests. So we walk in my friend gets her tag scanned and tells the front desk woman this is my guest. Another woman behind the desk ( started with an M, heavy set woman whose face is perfectly circular)whips around and yells "EXCUSE ME, COME HERE" So she questions my friend, and then looks up her membership in the computer. Then calls over short Hispanic woman over who asks if we want to talk about personal training, or be showed around the gym or what ever she said.

Okay lets just skip to the part that really pissed me off, she brings us to her desk and then tries to sell us on getting a personal trainer , how they are highly educated, there the best, blah blaaah blahhhhh. Then she discussed prices, and said it would cost $60 for a 30 minute session!!!!!???? So of course I said NO, that's way too much money. Then she starts to bring the price down, haggling with me!

I don't know if this is normal but it felt un professional. So finally when she figured out that neither me or my friend would be pulling out our credit cards she says, "well you will always be fat if you don't get help, you know?, you would look so much better!" How this woman sales to people I don't know, but she wasn't selling anything to me! The funny thing is this woman was fat from fit, and looked like she needed to get herself a personal trainer, and not from la fitness, sense I looked around at the trainers who were far from the picture of fitness!!!!

My friend has had many problems with the staff harassing her about signing guests up or personal training. We are both going to go out of our way to tell people what a screwed up system they have, and yes I have nothing else better to do :) I'm retired I have plenty of free time!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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"well you will always be fat if you don't get help, you know?, you would look so much better!"

I think this is why she was upset. I'd be pissed too.


The staff at LA Fitness is really friendly. The manager always is saying hi or bye to EVERYONE!

I asked him for help with some equipment and he jumped right up and helped me. Yeah the training dept will try to sell you personal training, duh!!! That's their job! I see tons of people training happily, and the trainers are in good shape?!

Who says their not? A couple guys are really fit! For a large gym it stays pretty clean most of the time. It's a thousand times cleaner than all 24hr fitness' I've been to.

I have been to over 60 nationwide. If your mad you signed a 12 month contract for personal training, THEN DON'T SIGN A 12 MONTH CONTRACT!!! I don't buy a car on a five year plan and then get mad after 3 years that I can't get out of paying for it?!?! Man, some people!

When you complain about these sort of things do you realize what an *** you look like?

I love the LA Fitness in Poway and highly recommend it. Just have an understanding how to cancel your membership an don't sign a 12 month PT contract if you don't want to make a 12 month commitment...right?


LA fitness is legit! not only is it a cool place to improve your self, have fun, meeet cool people, but its always so clean, these other gyms u find wont be as clean As an LA fitness.

Not only do they have a *** load of lifting room and exercises, they also have other stuff as well like BBall courts, cycling rooms, sonas, pools, wood floor for activites like yoga, or plyos, and great lockerrooms. Just cause they trying to sell u a personal trainer how u gunna get butt hurt?