Atlanta, Georgia

First thing in the morning I'm subjected to Fox News. NBC is the most popular news program in America and it's not shown due to some decree from Corporate.

Who is it at LA Fitness's corporate headquarters that is making these decisions? I would think that the customer should have the right to choose what is shown during his or her workout.

I want to see a variety of programs and not be forced to view what corporate sees fit to show. Who else feels this way? If you're a member and you feel the same way complain to the front desk.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Fitness Program.

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I think you rightwingers are missing the point. there should be tv shown for each network.

and as for the liberal haters... remember. YOU voted BUSH in!

therefore YOU are responsible for this screwed up economy. Thanks a f'ing lot!!



the person said NBC news not to be confused with the cable outlet MSNBC and in the morning on MSNBC you would have Joe Scarborough a former Republican Congress Person. You wingers really need to let it go.


"NBC is the most popular news program in America"...was that supposed to be a joke? Fox News destroys all the other news networks in America.

Besides, you don't think there are others in the gym that actually have a personal preference to what they want to watch?

They can't change the channels for every swinging person when they usually on have 3 receivers ***. Besides, if you want to watch your Liberal biased NBC, stay at home and eat your bon-bons and wait for your precious Obama *** Care to kick in.


Typical whining Demon-crat.


...employees already receive tons of complaints daily (its too hot, too cold--too loud, too quiet---I want espn, I want TNT) You can't keep everyone happy. People should be happy there even are tvs.

It used to work where each location could pick the channels but complaints just got out of control. You're only working out for an hr or so---I think you will survive an hour of only 3 channels.


Is the new club in Stoneham MA going to have individual Tv's at each piece of equipment like your competitor Boston Sports Club does?


:cry Let's see....Say there are 25 people on treadmills and another 15 on elliptical steppers and toss in another 10 or so on bikes....50 members. Let's say everytime someone requests it, we change the channel to their liking.

There are in most clubs, 3 satellite receivers displaying 3 channels, usually over about 12 monitors. Do the math...channels cannot be changed on a whimsey everytime someone requests it. As soon as Fox News is turned off and Oprah is turned on, someone may be happy about that, but another member who was watching Fox is now unhappy.

The TV's are there to be a diversion from your cardio workout, not the primary source of entertainment. If the TV is more important, plant yourself on your couch.


I agree with the author. The programming should be chosen by the client, and not corporate. If you are paying to work out at this gym, you should be able to voice your opinion/concern about this issue.


If you don't like it, workout from and watch your own tv set, ***!

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