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I plan to move to another state. While visiting that state, I printed a complimentary guest pass to the local LA Fitness so that I could see whether I wanted to join when I move.

Upon arriving, I presented my guest pass and was asked for my driver's license. I presented my license, which was obviously an out-of-state license. (I was visiting and will be moving from another state). I explained the situation but was repeatedly asked: "But where is your New York license?"

Finally, the apparently inexperienced staff said, "Well, if you don't have a New York License, pay $20.00 and you can use the gym". I did that but I also asked to speak to the manager, who never showed up.

There is nothing on the guest pass that says you need a license from the state in which the club is located. I have been to other gyms and treated much better. If the goal of the guest pass system is to get new members, it has totally failed in this instance: Because of the attitude I experienced I will certainly not join LA fitness.

The fact that there is not a user friendly way to express complaints on the LA website indicates to me that the company does not really care. And the fact that they do not ask for identifying information from me indicates they have no desires to address this with me. All this makes me feel that this is not a compnay that I would ever want to do business with!!!!

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Those so called "associates" are rude. The free pass jsut a trick to get people in there so they can pressure you to sign up on the spot.