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When I first look at LA Fitness I saw the one I wanted to join was currently being built. I then approached the sister store in Glen Burnie and asked if I joined could I transfer to the new location once it opened.

The manager of the store and his associate who did the paperwork stated on several occasions this would not be an issue and there would be no additional charge to me. I left work one day to find a flyer stating the new location was about to open its doors and to call a number for more information. I called this number and also asked if the transfer was something I could do. This person also said yes.

I called again a few weeks later and asked when the gym was opening. The person I spoke to also told me that all I had to do was come in, show my account information and they would transfer my location and make theirs my one and only location. 2 weeks later I went into the gym expecting no issues and an easy transfer that would just take 15-30 minutes. I went to this gym today 3/26/12 at 6:30pm.

The man at the desk told me that I could not make the transfer because my gym account is a one gym only membership. I explained to him who I had spoken to and I got the, " I don't care who you talked to look you aren't going to transfer," look. After displaying my utter disappointment and lack of caring attitude from the staff I told them to cancel my membership if they can't follow through with their promises. The staff said ok we can cancel it for you buy you have to mail in the paperwork.

What kind of bull is this to first of all not care that a Customer is dissatisfied with the service and then to give the attitude that they didn't care that I cancelled my membership.

I want a refund on my final month. I shouldn't have to pay for a gym that I am not even going to in addition to being either lied to by three members of management or being treated so poorly by the one manager.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

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i have the same problem


same thing with me and thinking about cancelling... went to the location that i wanted to transfer to and the one person that i talked to said it won't be a problem and the 1st transfer is free but i have to come in another time because the operations manager wasn't there at that time second time i go in, they tell me i would have to upgrade to change me home gym and it would be $101 to activate the upgrade and additional $2 every month


Same thing just happened to me yesterday! Will cancel membership tomorrow...


My LA fitness did the same thing. Told me no issues in transferring.

But then said they would with an additional $114.

and an extra $5 a month.

I handed him my membership token and said cancel it.

He then made a few keystrokes and I had a full membership at the new club.

There's no consistent rules that make sense, then having to mail in your cancellation is BS.

This kind of crap has been consistent with health clubs since Bally and their stranglehold on customers.


same BS here in texas.

Sales people just say whatever to sell.

Guess I have to cancel too.


This seems to be a problem with LA Fitness. They lie to sign you up making the promise that you can change locations of your membership.

My wife and I signed up under the given assumption that our membership could be transferred once the gym that was to be built near our home was completed.

While in the new gym two other customers showed their membership told they could not use the gym unless they paid a $5.00 fee for the day. They also stated that the other gym had made the same promise that we were given.


the same thing JUST Happened to me...