Sunrise, Florida

LA Fitness in Coconut Creek, Fl.

My daughter came home from college for summer vacation and requested a gym membership. I paid for the application fee with my debit card and paid the 3 months fee in cash, LA Fitness subsequently took the same three months fees off my card and continued to bill even after my daughter went back to college.

When I complained they said she did not cancel. Why would you cancel when you only requested 3 months. The state Attorney General need to put a stop to scams like these as these companies continue to do these things to unsuspecting consumers.

STAY AWAY FROM LA FITNESS. When I call their corporate office the female on the phone hung up on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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When you have a contract for LA Fitness, it states that you can cancel, but you have to provide a notice to the company, and it has to be within a certain time frame.


Did you read the agreement that you signed? I'm guessing you didn't.

No attorney can save people who sign things they don't read. Good Luck.