Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I was robbed at this gym in Bolingbrook, IL. My locker was broken into, (the lock itself removed/broken). When I went to the front desk the girl behind the counter suggested that I must have misplaced my purse or given my combination to someone else. The entire time it was insinuated that it was somehow my fault. We found my purse (minus wallet) in another locker and she acted like I was a ***. It wasn't until I showed her a text from the bank that someone had tried to use my credit card that she took me seriously. Then she FINALLY said "maybe I should get the manager."

The manager had a look of distain, probably about all the paperwork he'd now have to do. They called the police and the girl told me to wait while she took other customers. The icing on the cake? This same girl saw I was crying and giggled saying: "well at least they didn't take your phone!" She GIGGLED while I cried

This location has had issues with theft previous, not surprising as every time I come in there the staff is bent over their cell phones texting.

This was a very scary traumatizing situation for me and not once did they apologize, offer sympathy, over even ask if I needed to sit down. Corporate HQ is getting a call tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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