Dayton, Ohio

I have been a LA Fitness customer for about 31/2 years now and a friend of mine just joined recently. We go at least 4 out of 7 days per week.

Recently my friend had hurt her back and could not do the weights training like we normally do so we had done about 30 minutes of cardio and I was starting to work on the leg machines and my friend was standing there talking to me. All of a sudden this very rude loud man came over and told her that she was not allowed to be a personal trainer that they had paid personal trainer at the facility and she was not allowed to do that. This man did not ask any queestions of even identify himself he just started sputtering loudly about her trying to be a personal trainer. My friend tried to tell him that she was undergoing treatment for her back and was unable to wor out with the weight machines but he did not give her a chance to say much of anything.I eally enjoy the facility and would hate to make a change but that whole scenario was totally uncalled for.

I am sure being a business of your caliber that this is not how you train your people. I would like to see some kind of retribution for this unsavory outburst even if it is an apology.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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What a *** this guy, need to put people like him in a gas camera

#673668 think of it this way: your toilet is clogged, you cannot do anything about it, *** water is reaching the brim...but a plumber shows up out of no where and guides you through that *** nasty mess with his tools. you shouldnt owe him or his company that he works for anything??...for not only using his expertise, but his TOOLS???


That's why I have my own gym at home.. I work whenever besides I'm stress free! :grin :grin :) :grin


I would have told that guy to go into the men's restroom and flush himself down the toilet.