Lowell, Massachusetts
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The club has the poorest customer service of any place i have ever been. The front desk has the attitude that they are doing you a favor by being there.

Every week night evening as early as 8:45 they announce the time and the time they are closing and instruct the members to plan their workouts accordingly.They do this no less than 4 times an hour and every 5 minutes near closing. There is one particular woman named Tamara who is obnoxious. She commenced with the usual harassment and announced at 9:45 9:50 and there after every 5 minutes and at 10:02 she proceeded to announce at top volume " the club is closed closed closed lease the club leave" repeating herself in a continuous loop until as i was walking by i asked her if she knew how annoying that was. She then replied " I don't care.

I don't get paid for the extra 5 minutes so you can walk out slowly" I replied " but you know your ruining the last 5 minutes of every ones day" she said " I don't care you need to leave it is 10:05 and the gym closed at 10" after which i tried to reply but she continued to yell at me till i asked her name. I then said thank-you and left.

Keep in mind there were no less than 15 people still in the gym.

The night before they blared a high pitched whining noise over the speakers every couple of minutes..

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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the people working at the club no NOT get paid after closing time. So to you it might be a few minutes but others tend to hang around for a 1/2 hour or more!

Think how you would feel at your work if you've worked for 5 hours or more [weekend gm 12 hours] but then couldn't leave when your shift was over and even worse were not getting paid to work OT when it clearly states that the place closes at 8pm [Sat & Sun] not work out till 8pm then take your sweet old time taking a shower etc... Have some common courtesy - people just want to go home after a hard days/night work


I take a water aerobics class at the NEW BRIGHTON MN LA Fitness. Someone taking the WA class today 4/23/10 started taking the lane ropes off 5 minutes before class.

A person swimming complained that she still had 5 minutes but left the pool and was complaining to anyone who would listen in the locker room and she eventially complained to the mgr. After the class the instructor got talked to by the mgr. and came back in the locker room wanting the name of the person who removed the lane ropes so the manager could talk to her. No one gave her the name but as a group of us were leaving the front desk had the persons picture on the computer to show the mgr and instructor and one when one of the people in the class started saying that we didn't know the rules the manager started barking that the lane ropes are $90 each and if they get broken or a client gets hurt HE WILL REVOKE THEIR MEMBERSHIP.

A couple of things are wrong with this that I can see. 1. That whole conversation should not have extended from the front desk to the pool in the first place. 2.

The mgr. should not be having this confrotation with the instructor and the front desk person at the front desk and 3. The mgr was striking out at the person who removed the ropes infront of everyone but that person. The front desk person and the mgr.

of this club need TO WORK ON THEIR ATTITUDES TO PAYING CUSTOMERS AND PEOPLE SKILLS. If I had not pd for a personal trainer for the next three months I would drop this club faster then it took them to get my money in the first place.


Ok, this person definately is making way too many announcements but have some courtesy! EVERY business makes announcements and asks you to leave at a certain time.

Whether you are at the mall or at Blockbuster, consumers are asked to shop during the hours of operation.

Many places go so far as to lock the doors before closing time so customers can't get in. Or closing down registers so no more transactions can be made.